Innovation and Creativity in Workplace Assignment

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Running head: INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY IN WORKPLACEINNOVATION AND CREATIVITY IN WORKPLACEName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY IN WORKPLACEExecutive summary:Organizational creativity has been found to be extremely important in modern day attributes inbusiness to attain organizational effectiveness. It has many important benefits as it improvesengagement of the workers, increases interaction, staff morale and also passion towards work. Italso helps in increasing motivation and problems solving attributes in workplace environments.It helps in increasing productivity as well as team bonding and collaboration. However, certainblocks often arise that affects creativity and innovation. Fears for failure, short time, makingassumption, negative attitudes, bounded with habits, following rulebook and many others act asblocks. Proper motivation by leaders, proper mentoring by mentors and development ofworkplace culture encouraging innovation by employers and many others may help in removalof the blocks and maintenance of smooth creative workflow.
2INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY IN WORKPLACEIntroduction:Organizational creativity is helpful in capturing the principles and the concepts thatrelates to organizational transformation, organizational designs as well as organizationaldynamics. This results in the exploration of creativity in the workplace. It also helps insubsequent exploration of the individual inherent creativity. Having creative spirit and thinkingwith ‘out of the box’ approach is helpful in ensuring organizational success (Serrat 2017). Thisassignment will mainly look over the blocks experienced in implementing creativity inworkplace and will also discuss the importance of organizational creativity in present daygeneration. It will also help to provide a plan for individuals to develop creative skills.Blocks in creative thinking and subsequent interventions to overcome them:Many individuals in the workplace are seen to be firm believer of themselves of not-being creative. This feeling of not being creative makes him stop from trying out new initiativesand innovative approaches. This belief of the individuals is often spread around the workplaceenvironment which also makes other demotivated about their creativity. This continuousnegative belief makes the environment an automatic blocks for innovative approaches. Thismakes every individual stop thinking himself to be creative by the time and this becomes one ofthe most common block in innovative and creative thinking. Development of a positive attitudeis very important where individuals should not be rigid and give themselves more scope ofventuring different sides of hid working style (Sarooghi et al. 2015). For making suchindividual’s positive about their thinking on the topic of creativity, proper leadership and
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