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Integrated MarketingCommunications1
The technological advancement has helped marketing function of companies to deliveradequate and relevant information to the target audiences. Integrated marketing communicationis a practical approach through which companies can easily integrate different communicationchannels and platforms so that required information regarding the company and its products canbe easily delivered to the audiences[ CITATION Bel14 \l 1033 ]. In the present scenario, onlinecompanies are gaining the majority of share as they easily target different segment customers andoffer the range of products and services at the single website. The giant online firms likeAmazon, Flipkart, Myntra use integrated marketing communication processes that ultimatelybenefit the companies in targeting mass of audiences. In the marketing campaign, text-based content will always be the central part ofmarketing, but with the digital era, companies are shifting their paradigm through using visualcontent. Online giant companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc. use visual content on the webthat likely to attract the majority of the customers. The visual content mainly focuses on usingdifferent images, videos as well as infographics in the website so that the clients get easilyattracted towards the content and information that is displayed[ CITATION Percy \l 1033 ]. It hasalso been assessed that incorporating images and visuals in website increases their reach tocustomers as well as also enhances the brand image of the websites. 2

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