International Strategies for HRM: Assessment

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International Strategies for HRM / 44-7785-00SAssessment -Coursework - 2016_17You are required to re-visit and re-work the topic [Task 2] which you attempted the first time.You should take account of the feedback which you have been given and improve;The quality of your research;Writing and general academic presentation;You must write in your own words;Provide references to support your work;Follow the conventions of the Harvard referencing system;Check you work against the marking scheme;The marking schemes which reflect the context of the research area below are designed to help youunderstand the requirements so please check you work as you write against the criteria. At the endof the assignment and before you write the conclusions go back to the objectives and check youhave addressed them and have the evidence to write the conclusion.Re-check your work against the assessment criteria before submitting.Original Assessment GuidelinesThe module is assessed by one piece of coursework. These will be based on an investigation into acontemporary issue in international human resource management.The research tends to fall into two different areas of International HRM. These are;Research into specific aspects of International HRM e.g. selection, rewards, managementdevelopmentResearch into aspects of diversity; corporate socials responsibility and ethical behaviour and IHRMThe research should identify a designated country as the basis for the study.[You cannot carried out the research in your own country of origin]To help with developing the assignment we will ask you to develop a research proposal. This willinclude a research question, research objectives [where appropriate] and a literature review which
explores the critical debates in the field of International HRM or diversity; corporate socialsresponsibility and ethical behaviour and IHRM.The feedback on the proposal will provide guidance and advice to ensure you proposal is at the rightlevel before you move on to carry out the main research study. This is NOT ASSESSED but isrecommended you submit a proposalThe assignment marking scheme is attached.Selecting a research topic:We have listed below some of the general topics that could form the basis for a research study. It isimportant that you view these as the starting point for research and that in developing the researchquestion you expand on these to focus on some specific objectives.Indicative topics for investigation are as follows:Ethics and social responsibility for multi-national organisationsA research study on this subject could explore the role of HR professionals in influencing, informing,designing, monitoring and promoting social responsibility and ethical behaviour in organisations.Using case study material can you build a case for whether HR has a role of not in CSR?Cross-border mergers and acquisitionsA research study on this subject might explore the role of international HR in managing the processof mergers and acquisitions. How successfully do organisations manage the many HR policy areasthat need to be considered when bringing similar industries but possibly different culture together?Global reward systemsA research study on this subject could explore the nature and variance of reward and compensationsystems and policies in a country of your choice. What factors do HR reward specialists need toconsider in designing a reward policy which has to operate across a multi-national corporation?Recruitment & Selection of international managersA research study on this subject could focus on the recruitment of international managers and therole of HR and line managers in the design of the process. Here choosing a specific sector e.g.banking or insurance would help in critically analysing the effectiveness of the range of recruitmentpolicies and processes. You might prefer to explore the selection process using the same criteria orcombine them into one study.The use of expatriate staffA research study on this subject could explore how HR professional resource staff to work oninternational assignment. What issues and challenges do those working abroad face in terms ofadjustment to new country cultures and how can HR prepare them for this experience. Groundingyou study in good case studies will help apply the research.
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