Data Mining Term Project Ideas and Report Format


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INTRODUCTION:The final assignment for the semester is a term project. The course project isintended to evaluate your understanding of the topic of data mining in general, thecourse itself in specific, and sense the knowledge of data mining in the real world.The main purpose of this assignment is to allow students to explore a topic ofinterest while demonstrating mastery of the material presented in the course. Thisis a group project with at most 3 students. PROJECT IDEAS:You have to search on a specific algorithm in Information Security where it isimplemented in the real life organizations such as ( Alrajhi Bank, imam University,Alshumaisi Hospital, Amazon.......etc), you have to choose two or more organizationsusing the same algorithm and differentiate between the implementation of eachfield such as (Medical, Academic, Business, .....) . Furthermore, prepare a report.Your report should address the following: 1.Introduction to the organization and the method used 2.State of the art literature review of the method, how it isimplemented, what type of Information Security they are using.REPORT:Report should show the different way of implementing the algorithm according tothe field of real life to understand the benefit for the algorithm in different era. LAYOUT AND FORMAT

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