Justification why system needs to be developed.

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Justification why system needs to be developedIn today’s world, everyone has to keep up with the different technologies and their advancements. TheSPCB is an institute that has to deal with loads of data related to various courses and programs offeredby the institute. Along with this the student data flowing in and out of the system is very enormous tohandle by manual handling Each semester of a year the data is constantly increasing which arises aquestion of maintenance of data integrity and consistency in the system. The system gives an efficientway of storing, managing and processing all the information required to be stored in the system. Thesystem makes use of normalization concepts in database designing that reduces redundancy of data inthe system. This will save a lot of time for the staff members of the institute as well as for the student sas everything will be automated in the system.Description of business case and about business benefitsBusiness case of any project describes various aspect of the proposed project. These aspects can becosts, benefits, solution, timeline, challenge are analysed in order to understand what problem thesystem is really beneficial for. Business case for the new proposed SPCB system deals with efficienthandling of all the use cases that happen during student enrolment in various programs every year. Thecurrent situation of the institute deals with these use cases manually which increases high risk oferroneous tasks. There are various tasks that are performed by the system that needs high care andattention like setting student’s marks and grades or generation of report.The business benefits that SPCB institute will get on the implementation of the proposed system are –Processes becomes time saving for all stakeholders (Students and administrative staff members)Saves man hours for end usersStudents may enrol at the ease of any location and does not require to wait in long queues.Sequence of dealing with enrolment during peak time of semester is dealt orderly.Less chaos and more managed tasksSystem is more reliableSecurity and privacy of student’s data is maintained.Increased accuracy in enrolment process.Offers better analysis.Project scopeThe purpose of the project is to provide a single platform to the students as well as the institute’s staffmembers where they can perform the student enrolment and other tasks more efficiently andaccurately. The project reduces the tedious task of data management in the SPCB institute and alsomaintains data privacy, security, integrity, consistency and reduces possibility of erroneous data in thesystem. The system allows only authorized users to utilize the system’s functionality and accessinformation stored in the system. Thus, maintaining security of data and privacy of student’s data in thesystem.
The cost benefit analysis of the system calculates the total cost going in and out of the organization todetermine the likeliness of the organization achieving its goal. The system proposed is one timeinvestment that will save cost of x- man’s hour, saves cost of reports and analysis, saves in-houseprogramming costs, improves control and reduces training required to be given to staff membersSchedule analysis of the project will determine how the project will be managed and developed withtimeline. The project is scheduled to gather all the resources required in one day and implementation isscheduled to be completed in 15 days. After implementation of project, the testing and delivery of thedeveloped project is scheduled to take 5 days each. Hence, the whole working project will be developedin total of 26 days of time.Use case DiagramUse case diagram of a system is used to represent the system’s interaction with its surrounding outerenvironment. The actors in use case diagram are referred to persons or stakeholder that interacts withthe system in order to utilize the system’s functioning. The following is use case diagram for given SPCBscenario which has two actors or user roles, namely, student and admin. Each of these user role withhave limited functionalities that can be accessed as depicted by the diagram below.
Sequence DiagramSequence diagram is a diagram which shows the sequence of activities that will occur in the system for aparticular use case. The following sequence diagram shows for enrolment of student into a program.
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