Leadership and Management Concepts : Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONLeadership refers to the way through which an individual motivates and encourages itscompanion and followers for attainment of a particular goal or objective. The art of leadershiphelps the individual to direct and inspire others with a view of meeting company's strategicgoals.Corus is a largest and well known steel company headquartered in Europe, UK whichcame into force in 1999. In the following year, it merged with British steel plc andKoninklijkeHoogovensand was acquired by TATA steel in 2007. It mainly deals in metal and steel productsand have its presence in more than 5 countries. This report provides a brief about comparisonbetween roles of leader and manager, functions of leader and manager in different organizationalscenario, different theories of leadership useful in organization, Different kinds of managementapproaches to operational management and functions of leader and manager in the same,Significance of operation management in attaining business goals and Factors impactingoperational management and authoritative ability of managers and leaders.LO 1P1 Comparison of different role and characteristics of a leader and manager-Leader– Leader is the person that holds superior position or experience within its specifiedfield, and which is able to exert a high level of control over others. It is the person who influencethe group of persons towards achieving the organizational goal with efficient use of resources.Manager– Manger is the person whose primary role is to exercise all managerial functionseffectively and efficiently. Managers works as a team with the employees to achieve thecompany's goal. They have the all powers of firing and hiring the employees, discipline,providing performance appraisal to the employees and monitor work and the attendance of theemployees(Solomon, Costea and Nita, 2016).Comparison of different roles and characteristics :BasisLeaderManager1. VisionLeader inspire and engage theirpeople to turn the vision seen by theminto reality. Corus let the highfunctioning working team rather anallotting the work to an individual.Manager's vision is to set a focus,measuring the strategies andachieving the organizational goal.Corus manager controls thesituations to obtain the specified1
goal.2. RiskLeaders are willing to take risk andtry new things even if they may havea failure. Corus leaders avail more ontaking risks and try new innovation togrow their business more in thecompetitive rivals.Manager tries to control risk theywork on maximizing the risk factor.Corus manager rather than adoptingthey avoid and control risk.3. FocusLeaders mainly focus on the peoples.The leaders of the company mainlyfocuses on the group of the people toachievethecompany'starget(Sewchurran and et.al., 2016).Managers mainly focuses on theprocess and procedure. Theeffective management of all theprocess done by the employees andthe procedure to be followed all arestrictly guided by the Corusmanager to attain the huge profitmargin.4. AimThe main aim is the growth anddevelopment of the organization.Corus leaders are deliberated towardsthe development of the company andsustainable use of the resources andthis helps the company to attain thehistorical growth of the company.The aim of the manager is to attainthe required result. The company'smanager mainly concentrates onmanaging all activities and guidesup to achieve the company's targetefficiently and effectively.5. DecisionMakingThe leader facilitates the decision.The leaders of Corus implementdecisions in such a ways that thecompany's goal is achievedeffectively by the foresightedness ofits leader.Managers take decision with theirown mind set of effective use ofstrategies. Corus manager takesdecision effectively according totheir strategy requirements and thegoal requirements which is positiveto avail through their businessobjective.2
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