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Make a presentation what is written down.Identify the target market(s) for the service.The target audience will include the age group of between 15 to 30 as the younger people arerelatively more active with their mobile phones and download various apps that are important forthem. Therefore, the app will be designed keeping this age group and their preferences in mind.The aim would be to make people download this application, keep it on their mobile phones for aconsiderable amount of time and time to time changes would be performed so that more numberof people interact with the app on daily/ monthly basis. The target market would be given everyinformation required on the launch of the every product or service. Various tasks would becreated so as to retain the interests of the audience and to engage the new users. This includespractice like news and update, push-notifications, offline advertising, contests and promotions.The audiences will be given relevant push-notifications, publish content on the relevant portals,develop and launch a promotion, release a steady stream of content regarding the updates andoffline advertising of the application. The organization should also publish their videos on theYouTube for their promotions. The target audience and the target market has to be maintained.Differentiate between the primary market (the market segment that is the keyconsumer of your product/service) and secondary markets (other segments thatpurchase or use the product/service), if appropriateMarket SizeThe target market size would determine the profitability of the business and the market potentialfor an app offering various services and product is high as it has viable products and services tooffer and sell.
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