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IntroductionThis report enlightens the role of management and the role of operations in an organization. Themanagement consultant of the company will investigate the impact of leaders and the managersof Marks & Spencer Ltd. The effect on the leaders and managers will help in increasing theefficiency of the production of the company. The report also includes the functions and thecontribution of the leaders and management in the organization to make the employees workefficiently. The essentiality of the management theories and the flairs of management hascritically described in the report to the framework of operations administration of Marks andSpencer.Task 1LO1 Comparison among character of a leader and the purpose of managerP1 Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a leader and a managerwith reference to M & SLeadersLeaders in M&S refer to the people who influence the employeesand work must beaccomplished with help of employees to meet the objectives of the organization. A leader alsomotivates the employees to work efficiently and enhance their skills in the organization.ManagerManagers are those people who help the organization to manage and design the task of M&S incontext of the organizations objectives and goals (Northouse, 2015).To achieve success inmeeting the objectives of the organization, the managers develop the task and they prepare thestrategies that are needed to be followed.Difference between the leaders and managersMANAGERSLEADERSThe objectives of the organization are set bythe managers (Jacobs and Chase, 2013)The role of leaders is to influence theobjectives that are set by the managers ofM&SFor the betterment of M&S the managersThe leaders implement those ideas created byPage2of13
create the ideasthe manager into actionThe roles of leaders and the functions of managers in thebusiness, such as:PlanningThe functions of the managers are to plan the strategies and set the plan for achieving the aims ofthe organization, which helps the organization to increase the sale of the company. On the otherhand, the roles of leaders are to execute the strategies and the plan into action.OrganizingThe managers of the organization organize the resources and make use of the resources of theorganization effectively. The roles of the leaders in the organization are to allocate the resourcesproperly among the employees so that the employees can bring the best outcome (Moranet al.2014).DirectingThe leaders help the employees in completing a task and guide the employees in performing thetask. Wherein, the managers only direct the task that needed to be performed by the employees.StaffingThe function of the managers in the organization is to recruit the staff and allocate jobs to themaccording to the skill sets of the staffs (Chemers, 2014).On the other hand, the leader of theorganization encourages the employees to work efficiently and the leaders help in solving anyissues.CoordinatingThe managers coordinates with different departments of the organization for better outcomes andon the other hand, the leaders coordinates with the employees using the communication skillsand leadership qualities to make the employees work efficiently.ControllingThe manager lays some performance standards, which the employees have to follow, and theleaders of the organization make sure that the performances of the employees are measured andthe employees are working within the standards that are made by the managers (Momet al.2015).Page3of13
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