Management and Operations in Next Plc

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Management andOperations
INTRODUCTIONManaging each and every activities and task is very important for successfully running ofa business. There are various function in organisation and operations is consider as a essentialpart of a business (Alderton and Saieva, 2013). Operations includes all those activities which aresignificant for producing and delivering high quality products to customers. This function consistof transferring of raw substantial into finial products for company so that they can sell it tocustomers. Operation management can be define as a area of management that is majorlyconcern with designing, developing or producing goods or services of the organisation. Companychosen to conduct this assignment is Next Plc. This is a British retail company which is dealingin fashion industry. Next Plc company was formed in 1864 and founder to this organisation wasJoseph Hepworth. This company is providing its products in different part of the world and itsheadquarter is located in Enderby Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom. This report includesa elaboration of management and operations as well as various characteristics and roles ofmanagers and leaders are also explained. Different models andtheories such as situationalcontingency and system leadership theories are evaluated. This report also includes value ofoperations management is identity in order to achieve objectives of business. TASK 1Introduction of company.Next Plc is a one of the leading brand which is dealing in fast fashion products. This is aclothing retail company which was developed in 1864 and Next Plc company was formed byJoseph Hepworth. Products line of Next Plc company includes ready to wear cloths, footwear,home product and accessories. This is a worldwide company which is providing its products andservices to different part of the world. It has approx 546 stores all around the world. Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a leader and manger.Leader: Definition of a leader includes an individual who command as well as lead employees ora group of people of organisations (Bromiley and Rau, 2016). They are responsible forinfluencing behaviour as well as motivating employees for achieving organisational goals andobjectives. 1

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