Roles and Characteristics of Leaders and Managers in Operations Management - A Case Study of Marks and Spencer


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Management and

Operation management is the procedure of designing, controlling, planning of team work
in order to get high efficiency level in possible manner of an organization. In another words,
operation management introduces to the mangement of so many business practices to achieve
best outcomes. It is also concerned with converting raw materials as well as labour into finish
goods and services to get maximization of profit of an organization (Choi, Wallace and Wang,
2018). Furthermore, this file includes Marks and Spencer which is one of the essential British
multinational shops that's based in London that specialises in selling foods, domestic and apparel
merchandise. It was based within the yr of 1884 by means of Michel Mars and Thomas Spencer.
Moreover, this assignment consists of roles and traits of chief and a supervisor. Role of a
frontrunner and characteristic of a supervisor in an business enterprise. At closing, knowledge of
dating between control and leadership inside current enterprise environment gets blanketed
(XIANG, Chen and Zhang, 2013).
Within the so many firms and business organization there are different types of leaders
and managers who plays different roles in firm to achieve targeted business goals on time. By
performing their several roles and duties they can attract other people in firm by which firm can
obtain their value in an desired way. In regards with Marks and Spencer, manager and leader
both plays crucial role through considering entire business environmental activities. Some of the
roles and characteristics of leader and manager are mentioned below:
Leader: These are those people who always motivate employees in order to achieve
targeted goals and clear vision of firm. Another side, it refers to the art to increase overall
performance of entire workers in firm. With the help of this people can achieve their desired
goals (Faruk and et. al., 2018).
Role of leader:
Leaders play so many roles in order to make better supply and demand of goods and
services at marketplace. In regards with Marks and Spencer, leaders are needed to ensure that
they are motivating their team members in an effective manner and always encouraged them

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