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1REVIEW(1) Following the recent appraisal undertaken by XYZ, the management has accepted the needfor implementing greater group integration within the Acme companies. (2) In order to present acommon image, the group must show a consistent level of performance across all the operatingunits, particularly in terms of marketing and sales skills. (3) To obtain this the board has acceptedthat the central management must play a greater part in directing each company’s activities,although it is recognized that the autonomy of each company must be retained. (4) It is alsoaccepted that significant sales increases can be achieved in short term by improving the standardof sales management and control of the group. (5) The sales control system should take intoaccount the need for simplicity thereby maximizing real-time selling. (6) The role of individualsales management will be to evaluating their respective sales operations, constantly andcritically. (7) From this study the most appropriate system will be selected and then adapted toincorporate the specific operational characteristics of the Acme Group. (8) As the systemevolves, it will be corroborated by referring back to the individual companies, in order to ensurecomparability with national requirements.

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