Management Information System Assignment : IoT

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Running head: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMManagement Information SystemName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note:
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM1IntroductionInternet of Things (IoT) has become as one of the most familiar expressions in bothbusiness and technology. IoT creates huge amount of impact on the economy of any country. It isseen by transforming various enterprises into required digital business along with facilitatingother business models (Palattella et al., 2015). By the help of IoT, there can be improvement invarious areas like overall efficiency, number of employees and engagement of customers. Usingthis method enterprise can receive benefits that are actually diversified in nature. On contrary insome cases, it can become painful to users. The biggest issue encountered with IoT technology inbusiness is that they do not know what to do with this technology. And even if they come upwith plans, there are issues with person who will lead the initiatives of implementing Internet ofthings. IoT comes into picture due to its various building blocks which can operatesimultaneously and establish communication with each other (Fleisch, Weinberger & Wortmann,2015). In the current scenario, there is large number of developers in the domain of IoT whichfocus on industrial opportunities. For various consumers, IoT can provide a list new and intimateway of experiences. At present, consumer can provide an easy access to various personal deviceswith which they can sync with their life. A large number of smartphone application can easilylock up different doors.In the coming pages of the essay, an idea has been provided with respect to benefits ofinternet of things for business. The potential of IoT in media and entertainment is considered tobe very much expensive for creating and delivering proper content for new platform. Internet ofthings is required for improving metrics which can go beyond the idea of media consumption. Itis needed for co-operating with the present IoT ecosystem.DiscussionPersonalization at home and on roadExplosion of subscription for various IoT based services and on-demand options which isoffered by different broadcast networks. The overall amount and quality of content tend to haveincreased for personalization (Whitmore, Agarwal & Da Xu, 2015). Due to increase in thenumber of irrelevant adds in this platform, consumers have started using add block technology.
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM2IoT can provide solution from the given issues by making use of collected data from sensors. It isneeded for improving the personalization of both content and advertisement. Sensor has beendesigned in a way that they can measure the personal reaction with various programs. Media andEntertainment (M&E) can make use of the data to make estimation of context of program that isbeing consumed (Dar et al., 2015). By understanding some of the specific attributes of bothsensors and device owners can gather data. The collected data can be used for providingpersonalized experiences along with advertisement.Ups and down of Personalize advertisementFor various advertiser, there is large number of advertisement which can provide interestto a view add. The collected data through IoT can be used by advertiser to provide upbeat andline for viewing workout (Wortmann & Flüchter, 2015). Sensor data is required for reaching todesired audience for the given impression. One of the biggest issue for M&E based organizationis to have an idea with respect to use of IoT in their industry. Automate home category comes upwith energy management and security which is followed by appliances. When it comes to M&Eorganization, a number of organization are there on the sidelines due to insufficient capabilities(Zhang & Wen, 2017). M&E organization can help consumers to gather new experiences ontheir devices which are unknown to them. The gathered experiences can be used for building afeedback loop. M&E organization can more accurately target the gathered experiences. There islarge number of pay-TV operators that can make use of IoT for cutting cord which is needed forback-end verification associated with biometrics. It will ultimately result in access to any kind ofcontent which is available on the screen. It will ultimately result in transit hub and self-drivingvehicles (Rong et al., 2015). The given level of access can be used for overcoming privacy issuesby understanding the stream of individual file.Authentication and Journalism for citizenTechnology and Social Media can create huge number of challenges for collecting news.In the present era of social media penetration, it has become difficult for news organization todefeat social media in the race of early story (Chan, 2015). There are large number of newsmedia based organization which are using social media to collect data. Social media comes up
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM3with sword that is double-edged. It can publish the news in much quick rate but it is not as goodas trained journalist.IoT can be used by various citizen journalism which can speed up the process ofinvestigation in the story. It tends to develop with each and every counting seconds. Sensor canbe used by media organization for pointing out the location of journalists (Ehret & Wirtz, 2017).A proper identification needs to be carried out on the origin of independent stream for providingnew information and collecting it for news development. On the contrary, there are some privacyissues associated with identity of citizen journalist because of sensors. It is required forunderstanding the reliability of various news resources along with emotional tone of updates onsocial media (Weyrich & Ebert, 2016). This will help in developing a proper story which willhelp to understand difference between real news and hoax one.Wearables industryOne of the biggest benefits of IoT is that it is considered to be treasure trove of collecteddata. Wearables come up with potential to even unlock new given data which can address issuesin present measurement (Chang, Srirama & Buyya, 2017). It can be defined as de-duplication ofvarious user in multiple platforms. By the help of technology like IoT, media company can easilyprovide some answer to some critical question more specifically about the consumer behavior.IoT can provide many ways to programmers and advertisers for collecting data based on personalhabits. Using IoT, organization can understand what a person is watching (Lee & Lee, 2015).Apart from this, they can analyze what a person is watching. With these they will measure whata consumer can view.Leverage of IoT (Trenitalia)Both travelers and commuters tend to heavily depend on train services for reachingdestination with safety and minimum delays. Operator of train services aims to provide reliableservices along with minimum travel cost. Trenitalia is one of the major service provider of trainin Italy (Singh & Singh, 2015). It has leveraged a three-year implementation for delivery ofimproving reliability along with cost saving. More than 1500 trains are running in 7000 routes ondaily basis. This train organization has shifted from reactive activities and proper plan for
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