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Management andOperation
INTRODUCTIONManagement of operation is necessary so that organisation can achieve their targetseffectively and they can achieve sustainable development. The undermentioned report isbased on the case study of M&S Limited which is a very famous organisation in clothmanufacturing industry. It is largest clothing company which has its branches across theworld (Akkerman, Farhan and Grunow, 2010). They have a huge customer base hence tomanage operations on such a big level they have a huge workforce and for managing thatwork force, they require better leaders and managers who can lead them and to guide them inachievement of organisational goals and objectives. In this report role and responsibilities ofmanagers and leaders in context of M&S limited has been mentioned with theircharacteristics. Further reader can understand various leadership theories like situationalleadership theory, system leadership theory and contingency theory and how M&S Limitedand its management can apply these theories in order to achieve sustainability and betterproductivity. TASK 1P1 Differentiation between roles and responsibilities of leaders and managersRoles of managers and leaders are considered as same but their responsibilitiestowards an entity is very different. They require to perform various activities so that they canfulfil the requirements of organisation and public. Both managers and leaders are responsiblefor the management of operations (Alderton and Saieva, 2013). Better and effectivemanagement of organisational operations allows an entity to achieve a level of betterproductivity and effective management. Further they can satisfy the need and requirements oftheir customers. Broadly it can be ascertained that manager’s manager organisationaloperations by managing human resources and providing them a goal to achieve. But on theother hand, quality of leadership is inborn it can’t be learned and acquired through anyacademic knowledge. Leaders are those persons who are having followers and they are creating visionwhich had to be achieved by persons in future times. They are using different tools tomotivate persons so they will follow and work according to their given pathways.
Mangers are persons who have the overall responsibilities to manage all the activitiesof business in planed and effective ways. All the workers are approaching mangers for anytypes of problems which are faced by them. There are two types of managers at work placeone is Line mangers who are directly related with earning profits for business and another isstaff mangers they are involved in achieving coordination between different departments.The different roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers are mentioned below: ManagersLeadersRole of managers starts from the verybeginning of organisational operations. Managers analyse various sources ofraw material which is required byproduction department of M&SLimited so that they can acquire betterraw material so as to maintain qualityin their products (Anupindi and et. al.,2011).Manager of M&S Limited needs toanalyse organisational structure of it sothat operations can be performed easilyand they can generate better revenueand can boost up their productivity.Manager requires to search over bettersources of finance which are costeffective. Leaders in M&S Limited makestrategies and action plans. They alsomake policies in accordance withstrategies so that they can achieve theirgoals and objectives.Leaders set a certain quantitative targetsas per the capacity of the staff membersso that they can achieve those targetswithout any stress and frustration.Leaders motivate their subordinates fortheir task which they have performed sothat next time they can improve theirperformance. Leaders make strategies andcommunicate such strategies and itscomponent so that they can acquirebetter idea, if any from theirsubordinates.Characteristics of leaders and managersManagers and leaders plays a vital role in managing operations of M&S Limited.They provide better techniques so that productivity of clothing products and other homeproducts can be improved (Barratt, Choi and Li, 2011). There are several characteristics ofleaders and managers which are mentioned below:

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