Sample Report on Room division operation management

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Management of Room Division(Portfolio)
INTRODUCTIONHousekeeping management refers to one of the difficult operations of a hotel, wherecleanliness of rooms and public areas are some basic expectations of customers, for comfort.Although, housekeepers do not make direct interaction with guests of hotel, but they performvital role in enhancing their experience and retention for long stay (Welsh and Dehler, 2017).They actively perform assigned duties to ensure success of hotel operations by managing roomservices appropriately. During academic period, as a part of hotel front desk team, I have learnt anumber of topics about housekeeping management, with some concepts and theories, that aredescribing briefly under the present assignment. Hereby, I am sharing my views and reviewsabout given role that is useful in maintaining the reputation, safety and security standards of ahotel. MAIN BODYOrganisations that deal in hospitality sectors like hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more,keeping more concern on providing proper amenities to their customers. For this purpose, theyconcern more on housekeeping management services. This term can be defined as a provision ofkeeping room and public area clean, comfortable as well as safe environment, for enhancingcustomer experience (Delaney and Bates, 2015). The Housekeeping department in a hotel takespride in keeping the premises clean and comfortable, for creating a ‘Home away from home’.The aim of establishment of different accommodation is to provide customers with attractive,comfortable, safe and welcoming surrounding, which may offer value for their money.Cleanliness sends a stronger message than other operations in a hospitality operation, where levelof service, properly arranged room facilities and friendliness behaviour of workers, providesequal sensation to a guest (Wald, 2015). Housekeeping refers to be an operational departmentwithin a hotel, that mainly responsible for room arrangement, proper maintenance, aestheticupkeep and cleanliness of rooms, public and surroundings area, so that safety and security ofguests can be maintained. Thus, for beginning the career in respective field, I have attended eachand every class with proper attention to understand the importance of Housekeepingmanagement in raising standards of a hotel (Sax, 2018). This department also considers as amajor part of hotel that raise profit margin because once a room is arranged properly as perguest's expectation then it can be sold over and over again. 1

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