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Management &Operations
INTRODUCTIONManagement refer to managing and controlling different things of a company so that thefirm can operate and run in effective way. In context of a company, management is a process andprocedure to deal with the activities & operation and people of the firm. Operations managementis an activity of managing,scheming and dominant the process of manufacture and plan businessoperations in term ofmanufacturing products and services(Bromiley and Rau, 2016). Thisassignment is based on Corus group Ltd which is steel manufactures. Thisorganisationwasdeveloped in 1999 and headquartered in London. It operates its business in different nations withthe help of its products like electro plated, tubes, bars and others. This report will discuss aboutrole of a leader and purpose of a administrator. Further, will explain about different theories andapproaches of operations management. Different factor whichmake over effectupondetermination devising of leaders and manager will also describe.TASK 1P1.Define and compare the different roles and characteristics of a leader and a manager1.1 Two academic definitions of leaderDefinition of leader- According to Harry S. Truman, leader is a person who caninfluence individual to do what they don'tdeprivation to do, or dowhat they are excessivelyfaineantto do and like it. Simply, leader indicate to a person who encourage people andindividual to do work which are not showing their interest to do work.According to Grace Hopper, leader cannot manage people into battle, the individualmanage things and guide and lead people.Characteristics of leaderStewart Butterfiled is the founder of Slack and the characteristics of Butterfiled aredefined as following:Hard worker- It is the important characteristic of Stewart Butterfiled as a leader. To getlearning and knowledge, Butterfiled joined Janson Classon's start-up, In 2013,the person launched a team messaging application Slack with own hard work(Chiarini andVagnoni, 2015).1
Positive attitude- To have this important quality, Butterfiled work to convert theirpassion and dream in reality by launching Flickr, a photo sharing website and Slack a teammessaging application.Role of leaderIn a company, leader pay an important role to motivate employees. Butterfiled also playthis role in Slack to encourage their sub ordinate so that they can work effectively.Stewart Butterfiled help their employees by developing and designing vision and goal ofallotted task and work.1.2 Two academic definitions of managerDefinition of manager- According to Lawrence A Appley, Manager indicates to aindividual who is accountable to negociate, control,monitor and determineall the actions andtrading operationsof a company with the purpose of organisational development.According to George P Terry, Manager is an individual who is answerable to theprocedureof readying coordinate, activating and dominant performed to determine and fulfil theverifiableby the utilization ofpeople and origins(Chevalier and et. al., 2015).Characteristics of mangerStewart Butterfiled also have some characteristics of manager also, they are defined asfollowing:Communication- As a manager Butterfiled also have this traits and with the help of it,the person can make interaction with their employee and share them required information ineffective way.Delegation- Butterfiled also have this characteristic and motivate its employees to useand delegate their all efforts and effectiveness to meet the task and project of the company.Role of managerManagers play an important role by managing, controlling and operating a businessfunctions in appropriate manner.They also help in providing effective and requires resources so that workers can fulfiltheir work appropriately.1.3 Similarities and differences between a modern leader and managerDifference between leader and managerBasisLeaderManager2
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