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Management Practicum
Part A: Learning Portfolio Assessment
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Question 1: Employability Requirements and my journey of placement
The employers give more importance to the candidates who have diverse range of
employability skills, which are aligned to the various job-specific attributes (Finch et al., 2016). I
am aware of the fact that the employability skills are often known as the soft skills, which are
favored by the job givers. The employers are looking for certain skills beyond their job
qualifications that are personal attributes of an individual (Tomlinson, 2017). These skills would
help the employees to deliver improved performance in the workplace. I have done quite market
research on this aspect and find that the employability skills are generic in nature. I have done
quite research on this aspect and have found these skills are common across all the industries and
all job roles. When I was in academics, I was worried if I would ever get any placement since I
was not very good in studies. I was an average student with less focus on studies. I was more
inclined to physical education and sports during my school and college days. Hence, I was
apprehensive about the fact of securing good placement. I was also aware of the fact that there
was a large number student who was competing for getting the best possible placement from the
I have secured a position in the “Intercontinental Sydney, 117 Macquarie Street, Club
Lounge” and my job role is F&B attendant. I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity,
however, my journey has not been so easy. The Business Council of Australia (BCA) along
with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) has formulated certain
employability skills for determining the right candidates that would be employed in the
hospitality domain (ACCI, 2014). Communication is one of the most important skills that are
required in the hospitality industry since it is a service oriented industry (Argenti, 2015). I
possess a fairly good communication skill as my supervisors expect me to interact with the
customers regarding the meal requests and this can be achieved only if I possess sufficient
communication skills. I should also be able to interpret the information on different menu items,
operational procedures and recipes. I would also be able to discuss any potential service or
operational difficulties with my supervisors. Another employability requirement of the
hospitality industry is the problem solving approach. I was able to crack the interview easily as I
possess good communication skills and I was able to answer the questions in a tactical manner.
My employer would definitely want me to have a problem solving approach. The
problem solving skills of a candidate helps in the development of innovative, creative and
practical solutions which are important in a professional setting (Stephenson et al. 015). My
employers would want that that I can identify the strengths of the team members and work upon
the weakness of any member, which would hamper the fulfillment of the organizational goals.
They also expect me to test assumptions and take into account the current circumstances. During
my academic days, I was personally not good at solving problems. I was confused when
bombarded with problem circumstances. But, I was previously employed with the Radisson
Blue, where I gained some practical exposure with the problem solving skill. I was employed as
Food and Beverage Assistant and reservation agent. This gave me the opportunity to deal with
different difficult situations. Once, I got an angry customer in our hotel restaurant and he was
yelling badly at our hotel staff for unclean table. I was active in the situation and listened to his
issue. I apologized to the client and also offered him a free pudding, which made him satisfied.
This made me to imbibe the problem solving skills and help me to secure my current job.
I also realized that I am good at planning and organizing things. I was able to collect as
well as organize customers the time they reach the restaurant. This also makes me competent for
this kind of jobs. My employers would expect me to plan for both daily activities as well as
operational activities in a day to day basis, which I would be able to do well.
I was active in the selection process at the time of campus placements, since I wanted to
secure a good future for myself. I was also serious about the fact that I need to maximum number
of interviews so that I would be selected in any one organization. This would not only give me
financial aid but it would also help me to secure my future.
Question 2: Induction process at Intercontinental Sydney
I was placed at Intercontinental Sydney and I would thank God and my family members
for the same. The hotel is strategically positioned on Macquarie Street, which is adjacent to the
Royal Botanic Gardens and Circular Quay (InterContinental Sydney, 2017). This location has an
excellent panoramic view of the Sydney Harbor. It is an elegant hotel, which is included in the
main attractions of the city. This majestic building gives unique grace with all the modern
amenities of a 5-star hotel. It has won several awards and accolades, which has awesome view
and world class customer service. It has a breathtaking balcony terrace that is favorite place
among the boarders. This property is an excellent place for accommodation, dining, meetings,
events, promotions, celebrations and others.
The induction process at Intercontinental was a three-month process in which there is an
integration policy. It focuses mainly on the management policy of the organization, training
aspect, technical aspect and the various operating process that would be needed in day to day
functioning (Salau, Falola & Akinbode, 2014). We were assigned respective mentors from the
individual departments, who guided us throughout the induction period. The major steps in the
induction process are discussed below-

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