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Managing a Successful Business Introduction

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Added on  2020-07-23

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Along with this, every companies tries to adopt clever and advance analogue tools so that company is able to serve better quality of goods and services to their potential customers in an systematic way. After that, as per the gathered data will be provides appropriate recommendations to restaurant in an appropriate style.(Eckerson, 2010) TASK 1 1 Aims and objectives of project Title: The impacts of Digital tools of small business firm: A case study based on Posh Nosh.

Managing a Successful Business Introduction

   Added on 2020-07-23

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Managing a SuccessfulBusiness
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INTRODUCTIONIn the recent scenario, digital technologies and tools used by most of the business firmsfor increasing awareness and attracting high number of customers towards organisation. Alongwith this, every companies tries to adopt clever and advance analogue tools so that company isable to serve better quality of goods and services to their potential customers in an systematicway. (Achtenhagen, Melin and Naldi, 2013) Digital tools and techniques are effective inenhancing organisational performance and productivity at market area through implementingright resource at right place. In this particular report Posh and Nosh is a selected company whichdeals in food chain as the firm is concern on providing high quality and fast services to theirsignificant buyers. It is a small restaurant, thus here will be define actual impacts of digitaltechnologism on Posh and Nosh business firm. However, here will be used primary andsecondary sources for collecting and analyze the actual implications of digital technologies oncompany. After that, as per the gathered data will be provides appropriate recommendations torestaurant in an appropriate style.(Eckerson, 2010) TASK 1Aims and objectives of projectTitle: The impacts of Digital tools of small firm: A case study based on Posh Nosh.Aim: Every project has their own desired targets which project team wants to be attain inan efficient way. (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011)Thus, present report has one of themajor aim is to systematically analyse and evaluate the impacts of digital tools and techniques onsmall business firm. Therefore, here has been chosen Posh Nosh restaurant it using digital toolsand techniques within the organisation for providing effective and suitable products and servicesto etheir potential buyers as to satisfying their changing needs and wants. It helps to determinedifferent areas in which Posh Nosh company can expand their works as well as it can be providesimproved restaurant products and services as per the preferences of customers (Crane andMatten, 2016)Objectives: The Posh and Nosh is a small business firm and very much focused onexploring their business and its activities at large scale through offering variety of food productsand services at market place. Due to this, they can set an effective image also can get proper1
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satisfaction towards their expectations. Apart from this, selected company seek sto be prepareand implement fastest manufacturing process of products and goods wt work place so thatemployees will effectively deliver better services to consumers. Thus, this report has somedecided objectives and goals which employers of the firm wants to be achieve in future. Hence,here will be systematically elaborated under follows: (Smith, Binns and Tushman, 2010)To set maximum 30 minutes time delivering order to customers because due to this highnumber of customers can easy to attract towards restaurant.To analyse and evaluate the impacts of digital tools and techniques on business firm. Posh Nosh restaurant seeks to be enhance its sales and revenue by 15% to 20% in next 2to 3 years thus it focuses on to adopt smart and advance digital tools within theorganisation. (Den Hertog,Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010)TASK 2Management PlanManagement is one of the major concept for every organisation because it mange tosucceed and control all over business act and operations successful systematic style. By thisaction , employer of the company significantly perform their work and attain their goals andobjectives. Along with this, management plan is an important part of this report because with theaid of this systematically tin identify and examine the hazard and trouble related to project.However, management plan can be carried out as a cognitive process because it aids to succeedand control all over operations due to this researcher will significantly attain their targets andobjectives. Additionally, it can get occurrence in the competitive market place. In order to this, inwhich concluded some major concepts which helps to complete process thus all steps areexplaining under follows: (Law, Chen and Wu, 2010)Scope of project:This is the first step of management plan in this stage systematicallyidentify the major areas in which researcher will effectively conduct the research. Apartfrom this, Posh Nosh restaurant is an small business firm of UK it dealing with food andmanufacturing sector. However, this assignment will systematically elaborating aboutorder process system of the company. Additionally, it aids to explaining aboutcommunication process of the restaurant which used by employees with customers. It2
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manage to attract and give fully atonement to consumers towards their inevitably andpostulate. Apart from this, it is required to establish the communication between externaland internal sources within the organisation so that worker can easy to understandcustomers orders then effectively deliver their orders as per their expectations.(Giesenand et. al., 2010)Cost control: Any business firm without finance cannot acquire success in the competingmarket place. Thus, there should proper investment of fund in every areas. Sometimes, itaspect directly affects on project procedure either positive or negative hence it isnecessary to be systematically analyse and evaluate this aspect in an impelling style.Along with this, management plan concluded different activities therefore it is essentialto be develop effective plan so that researcher will significantly invest appropriate fund inseveral areas. In the other words, researcher can be used primary and secondary sourcesfor allotting and investing fund. Also researcher must be use Gantt chart and critical pathmethod for managing and controlling all over project state and operations in animpressive and prompt style. (Smith, Gonin and Besharov, 2013)Quality control: In the aspect of this stage of management plan, in which systematicallyhave to be manage and control quality of project in an effective style. Therefore, it isnecessary be set some effective quality standards so that project team will significantlyperformed their tasks. Additionally, should be collect actual and reliable information bythe researcher so that can significantly identify the facts and importance of digital toolsand techniques at work place of restaurant. Risk management: Risk is an uncertain in nature thus it is directly impacts of company.Therefore, it is required to be decently examine and assess all factors and causes takinghelp of appropriate methods and techniques. Along with , this concept related withmanagement risk thus must be find out suitable method for resolution and reducingproblems in an order style. Basically, this study based on Posh Nosh restaurant it will aidto define actual implication of analogue tools and proficiency. Additionally, this concepthelps to identify the major risks and factors of management plan. (Marks and Mirvis,2011)Time: It is necessary to be set all major activities and operations of project in a organizedmanner with needed time period for additive them. Thus, by the researcher should set up3
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an effective time period for all project act .The team members will importantly performtheir given task. Apart from this, completion of activities and collection of information isan major part of every project due to this researcher must be use Gantt chart and criticalpath aspect in researcher process. Communication: It is one of the major element with the help of this can easy to shareand understand needs and expectations of customers. Therefore, it is necessary toimplement effective communication process with in the organisation. Along with this,internal communication aspect helps to solve issues and problems of project though theappropriate solutions. (Edmonds, 2011)Resources: This is the last concept of management plan, without required beginning anresearcher cannot get occurrence as well as not attain objectives and content. Therefore,in which included technological, human resources, financial resources and so more. Apartfrom this, it is necessary to be set and allocate appropriate resources in the process so thatresearcher will importantly attain goals and objectives as well as can get success in thecompeting marketplace place in an impelling manner. TASK 3Gantt Chart4
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