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Managing a SuccessfulBusiness Project
Table of Content.IntroductionP1 Discus the aim and the objectives P2 Discuss the Project management plan that covers all the aspect of the cost, risk, quality,communication, time, scope and resources.P3 discuss the stages of the project through the Gantt chart.2
INTRODUCTIONToday in the world of globalisation every organisation wants to prove its excellence in thecompetitive world. Globalisation has its various impact such as the economic cultural and ethicalimpact of various different function of department such as operations, marketing, HR,accounting etc. The various impact of the globalisation can be both positive and negative but, inthe following, repost will be discuss about the positive aspects. So, in field of internationalmarketing the HRM has to formulate the various strategies in development of employees to meetthe requirement of the international market.LO1P1 Discus the aim and the objectives BackgroundThe background of research project is the positive impact of globalisation such as thepositive economic, cultural and ethical impact of the international market on hospitality industry.There are various opportunities and the challenges that are faced by the company to compete inthe international market. The most important resource management is management humanresource or the employees of the organisation Different function in company hasinterdependency on each other to perform effectively and efficiently in the competitive world.Aim: To evaluate the positive impact of globalisation on different business function within anorganisation. ObjectivesTo determine the positive economic impact of globalisation of different function ofbusiness.To analyse the different business function and positive cultural ethical impact.To analyse the significance of relationship between different business functioninterdependence in hospitality industry. 3

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