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Managing Successful Business ProjectManaging SuccessfulBusiness Project
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1Managing Successful Business ProjectINTRODUCTIONIt is important for business organisations to use their resources and capabilitiesin a way that they are able to achieve all the required goals. Every company wants toattain a competitive position in a market that will enable it in achieving all of its goalsand objectives in an efficient manner. There is a requirement of an effective strategythat will be assisting the organisation in overcoming issues in a desired manner(Saunders and Lewis, 2012). There are different types of issues that are there in front oforganisation. These can be sorted out by using new methods and techniques. Thisresearch work is based on Morrison’s which is a retailer offering products in grocery.The revolutions that came due to digitalisation has shaken up. This project will stateabout aims and objectives, project development plans, Gantt chart, research viadifferent sources. Also finding and recommendations will be given. The cited companyneed to adapt to new technologies for gaining better market positioning and enhance itscustomer base. This report will assist it in understanding ways in which it can usedigitalisation and its concepts to gain competitive advantage in market. LO 1Retailing sector is known to be one of those sector that have registered higherrate of growth rate. It is an industry where companies need to focus their resources andcapabilities on enhancing satisfaction of consumers. The organisations need to focus ondual growth concept so that they can attain higher level of effectiveness in market(Sparrow, 2012). For enhancing organisation feasibility and viability, the managers inthese companies tries to develop a good environment that is supportive to people. Morrisons is one of the major brands in UK and it is operating numerous stores inthe country. It deals in grocery and other items from its various physical stores.Currently, the company is trying to enhance its digital interaction with all other parties.Basically, digitalisation has assisted organisation in boosting their capabilities andproductivity (Young, 2013). it has multiplied the individual performance levels as theyare more informed regarding changes and requirement prevailing in the market. It is animportant change that is required and in this report it will be stated as how it will beimpact company performance:
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2Managing Successful Business ProjectResearch Title:How digitalisation has influenced performance and operation oforganisation: A case study on Morrisons. Research objectivesThese are stated in a way that will enable organisation in simplifying a major goalinto smaller steps. Also the managers will be able to measure any possible outcomes.Following are research objectives:To measure the impact of digital technologies on future performance oforganization. To identify ways which can be used organisation for improving capabilities viaadaptation of digital technologies. To determine the requirement of digital technologies that will enhance abilities ofMorrisons. Recommendations regarding integration of digital technology in organisation.Research Questions:How digital technology will impact various kind of business activities?Ways in which impact of digitalisation can be measured on some key issuesrelated to Morrisons?What factors used by company for adopting digital platform?A management plan is an opportunity for a researcher to state about goals andobjectives and ways they will be achieved in a brief manner. This aids investigator incompleting their research work in a more prescribed manner. Also, it will boost the userfriendliness of this study that will focus on analysing the impact of digitalisation onvarious factors concerning organisation (Baiden and Price, 2011). There are certainelements that will be covered in this PMP that will assist company in understanding thefeasibility and requirements of changes included in report, the prime components are,scope, cost, risk, quality, etc. they are briefly stated below:Scope: This research work is focused on developing abilities of organisation byincluding tools that are required in increasing profits. The research work is basedon marketing, operations and sales department (Chang, Walters and Wills,2013). This study will allow managers in understanding various aspects that are
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3Managing Successful Business Projectrelated to the company and ways they can enhance organisation capabilities.Therefore, it can be said that this report has a huge scope associated with it thatwill allow managers to accomplish their duties properly. Risk management: There is a risk of losing more whenever an investment ismade. It is a very decisive part of project management plan. The managers inMorrisons need to prepare strategies as to make adequate plans and policiesthat will be contributing to the success of this research work (Kowalkowski,Kindström and Brehmer, 2011). This element consists various factors that canimpact organisation capabilities and can lead to failure. This is why PMP will beprepared after brief analysis. Quality control: This is important for ensuring that organisation attain a higherlevel of growth. If the content of this research work is irrelevant then it will be ofno use (Smith, Gonin and Besharov, 2013). This is why the managers as well asresearcher need to ensure that quality is maintained, so that the outcomes canbe managed. Cost: It is important for researcher and managers to keep a check on all the costthat are involved in completing a project. As any over expenditure can impactfinancial condition of organisation, any minor miscalculation will have a majoreffect on the ability of company to explore opportunities. There is need of statingall the techniques in clear terms so that efficiency can be achieved andmaintained. Time: There is limited time period that is allotted to each and every activity. Thisis why the managers need to make sure that each task is completed in a setduration (Doherty, Ashurst and Peppard, 2012). For this assignment, researcherwill need to divide time to different activities, he will also require a provision offew days so that in case of contingency, things can be managed. Communication: It is important for researcher to state everything in clear termsso that reader is able to understand why this research work was conducted. Aproper flow of communication will allow organisation in attaining a higher level ofeffectiveness as managers will understand the needs of changes and acceptsuggestions.
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