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Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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1MARKETING BLOGFounded in 1999, Dick Smith Foods is widely known in Australia for producing Australiaowned and Australia produced food products that are at once healthy and tasty to appeal to thetaste buds (Dick Smith Foods, 2017). The company, in order to reach out to a wider mass, and tocompete with the brands of international repute, is all set to introduce its first app – the DickSmith Food App in market. The app aims to make the experience of buying food products amoreconvenient one. Buyers can order, check prices, compare prices and make payment onlinethrough the new app. Digital promotion of the app will be the most effective one, as a majorsection of the target audience uses mobiles, and check social networking sites at least 3 times aday. Benefits of the app will include increased traffic and greater brand recognition.Some of the Steps to Promote the App on a Digital Platform are Mentioned below:Use Facebook: With 1 billion active users all over the world, and people checking FaceBook in every 3 hours, the app will be promoted using Facebook. The most relevanttarget audience would comprise of the Australians who are food lovers and voraciouseaters, and Facebook Demographics will help in identifying them. Anybody who likes JBHi-Fi and Harvey Norman on Facebook pages can be targeted and the app can bepromoted. This will increase traffic while reducing advertisement expenditure.Create a Video on YouTube: Often the customers want to make their own buyingdecisions, instead of being told what to buy. This is exactly the reason why makingfunny, thought-provoking videos of the yummy food products being served on plate,bringing smile to the customers and local sellers alike, can be effective. The videocontent should be good, so that people can identify with them, and instantly share themon other networking sites.
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