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SOCIAL MEDIA1Introduction Social media marketing is a modern approach of marketing product or services using social media sites. It is a popular method of marketing, since more than 88 percent of companies usesocial media marketing worldwide. The popularity of social media sites has grown rapidly in the previous decade, especially in between younger generations. Many companies use this opportunity to expand their brand awareness and market their products to a larger audience. This report focuses on determining the benefits of social media marketing from the perspective of different companies. Further, the report will analyse several drawbacks of social media marketing and provide solutions for such problems.
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SOCIAL MEDIA2Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing help organisations to improve their brand awareness and assist in building brand loyalty, between customers. As per Bija and Balas (2014) research, the social media marketing strategy can be used by corporations to improve their brand awareness. The research provided that, manufacturing enterprises did not use social media marketing as muchas other corporations. It is important for companies to interact with their audiences to effectively implement a successful strategy. To improve brand image companies are required to plan their strategies and set objectives. The research showed the need for interaction with customers in order for the high brand image. Corporations are required to get feedback, solve quarries and provided offers to their customers on social media sites. Collecting data from surveys on social media sites can benefit enterprises in product development process. The firms are required to analyse their audience preferences such as Facebook or twitter, and use such platform to advertise and interact with their customers. Social media marketing can augment the sale figures of an industry by focusing the advertisement on their target demographic. Gaber and Wright (2014) conducted research on the use of Facebook by the fast food industry in Egypt, which provided that fast food industryin Egypt uses social media marking in order to augment their sales and researching their customer’s requirement. The research provided that a large number of Egyptians uses social media sites, especially Facebook to interact with their favorite fast food chains. There are more than 15 million active Facebook users, mostly amongst the age of 15 to 29 years. Fast food chains such as McDonalds Egypt, KFC Arabia, and Just Falafel uses social media sites to market their product advertise their offers and interact with customers. The research also analyses the customer's attitude towards online advertising and the results were positive. Most of the user does not mind online advertisements since they have the options to either click on them or not. But the research also provided that most young people think online advertisements are irrelevant and not credible, but the overall attitude of users was positive towards social media advertisement. According to Minazzi (2015), the use of social media marking has significantly improved the services of social media marketing. The research was focused on ascertaining the impact of Mobile Social Media (MSM) over the tourism industry. Modern innovation allows users to improve their experience while traveling such as the use of smartphone allows users to
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