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Employment Relations Assignment (Solved)

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Added on  2020-04-15

Employment Relations Assignment (Solved)

   Added on 2020-04-15

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Employment Relations
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Employment Relations Assignment (Solved)_1
Part A
Workplace conflict is a kind of problems which should be eliminated by the managers as soon as
it has been identified within a work place. The few measures of eliminating workplace conflicts
are as follows
Providing training on conflict resolution- the negative effect of a conflict can be reduced by
training employees on how to successfully resolve conflicts. The training also provides
confidence to the employees that they can successfully resolve personal and professional
Providing training on communication skills – enhanced communication skills in the employees
would ensure that there is no misunderstanding and therefore a conflict situation may be
identified and addressed accordingly.
Developing positive work relationship in the workplace- a positive workplace relationship would
ensure that there are less conflict in the workplace and the employees work in harmony
Implementation of activities for team building- developing a strong team spirit within the
workplace can considerable reduce the chances of a conflict
Building well established communication channels- conflicts can only be addressed through
proper communication and therefore strong communication channels may help eliminate
conflicts within the workplace.
Having in place established ways of resolving conflicts such as mediation and negotiation may
also eliminate conflicts within a workplace.
Employment Relations Assignment (Solved)_2
Methods of facilitating successful outcome from conflicts within a workplace
Right Timing- conflicts are often created unnecessarily within the workplace. It is good to avoid
small conflicts but leaders who avoid conflicts all the time may regret it latter. When it goes to
managing conflict timing is the primary issue is timing. The best time which the mangers may
choose to take an action is when they have concrete evidence that the actions of the employees
may have an adverse effect on the others. This can facilitate best outcome from a conflict.
Knowing the situation
The conflicts can take a bad shape and result in adverse outcomes of the managers does not have
proper knowledge about the situation. Knowing the limitations and boundaries of the employees
would help the managers achieve successful outcome from the conflict.
Respecting difference
Everyone has a different culture and knowing and respecting such differences is a key for
achieving a successful outcome from a conflict resolution process. Addressing the cultural aspect
of the parties to the conflict can help the managers understand the party in a better way and
therefore more effectively resolve the conflict.
Confronting the tension
It is the duty of all leaders to confront the tension head on in any conflict situation. The conflict
has to be confronted before the situation goes out of hand.
Employment Relations Assignment (Solved)_3
How to seek input from those having grievances in the work place
The input can be made by obtaining proper suggestions from the employees who are in a
conflict situation.
The input can be taken by showing interest in knowing about what the employees feel
about the situation. This can be done by creating a culture of honest and open
Attention has to be provided to those employee who have a non verbal nature.
Feedback may also be obtained from those who are not in a conflict situation in relation
to the problem
A defensive approach has to be avoided at all cost while seeking such inputs
Those who are facing grievances in a work place can be consulted individually and
therefore they can provide their own views in relation to the problem.
Employee input helps the managers to effectively address the conflict situation , the
employees who have facing problems within the work place can be asked questions in
relation to the issue collectively so that a precise understanding of the issue is gained by
the managers.
Part B
Difference between operational and strategic plan
Strategy plan is used to define the strategy of the organization. It is the kind of plan which is
initiated before actions. On the other hand as the name denotes operations mean actions.
When planning is done to make strategies for the purpose of achieving the goals of the
Employment Relations Assignment (Solved)_4

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