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Report on a Nanomaterial

Added on -2019-09-18

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Mid term Research Paper and Oral PresentationDue onNovember 6th 2017In this research paper you should present a critical review report on a nanomaterial of your choice and to write a detailed, technical applications, describing the following: ( please note that a minimum of 10 original articles should be used)In this paper you should cover but not restricted to the following:Describe key structural/chemical concepts of this Nanomaterial and use them in problem solvingDescribe key electronic concepts (quantum confinement) Describe key photonic concepts and use them in problem solvingExplain how this nanomaterial can be synthesized and fabricated to a working deviceAnalyze possible applications in terms of feasibility and relevanceDiscuss differences and similarities of other nanomaterialsThe below rubric will be used to asses the Midterm paperLST: Midterm research paper ExamFall 2017Student Name:_____________________________ ________________________________________________________ ___________________________Overall Structure & Organization________/10 pointsIs the paper well organized and contain all the different parts required?Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and ReferencesAbstract: _____/10 pointsState the objective of the paper Contain a short description of the main findings

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