Mrs. Doubtfire: Family Movie Assessment

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1Mrs. Doubtfire: Family Movie AssessmentFebruary , 2018
2Mrs. DoubtfireIn this paper we will be discussing the family values, child rearing, responsibilities andsocialization of a family based on the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire. The film portrays the story of afamily and a slice of their life as they are going through a difficult time.Movie Setting and StoryThe movie is based on an upper middle class family and how it adapts itself to thechanging scenario of their family in 1990’s San Francisco (Williams et al., 1993). The parents,Daniel and Miranda are going through an acrimonious divorce and very soon we come across acourtroom scene where the custodies of their children are being decided. From then on, themovie narrates the story of a divorced man, Daniel, who in spite of being a gifted voice artist is afailure at work due to his incompetence and fickle minded behavior. His attitude towards life isvery casual, much to the dismay of his wife Miranda, who works hard and likes to climb theladder of success in very little time. Daniel’s world is not properly organized much like hisfamily, but amidst all the chaos, his love for his family, his wife, his children are pure and hecannot live away from then even for a day. Miranda despises this behavior, it frustrates her, shewants to have peaceful life with a good job, but Daniel fails to provide her both. Miranda getsfull custody of the kids and Daniel can only visit them once a week. Soon, he comes to know thathis wife is looking for a baby sitter ,this compels him to disguises himself with the help of hisbrother to look like a 60 years old redoubtable Mrs .Doubtfire to apply for the job. Mrs.Doubtfire gets the job after an interview with Miranda. As Mrs. Doubtfire , Daniel is a strictguardian who forces his children to do homework and punishes them if they do not abide by hisrules , very different from his behavior as an ever loving father who could even hire a privatezoo for his son’s birthday to make him happy. Soon his tough but caring nature makes the
3children like him, they improve their grades and Daniel learns to have a better lifestyle throughthem. He learns to cook, clean house and take care of the family, things he have alwaysneglected. Although his wife starts dating someone, he stays around and tries to mislead his wifeand sabotage the relationship. But after sometime, his children find out his identity, they arethrilled by the presence of their father in their life but at the same time decide to keep it a secretfrom their mother. All this finally leads to a climactic comic set piece where both Daniel andMrs. Doubtfire has to be in same restaurant meeting different people, but as evening passes,alcohol gives away his identity. Miranda finds out and report to the court. Daniel loses hiscustody rights in court. In absence of Daniel/ Mrs. Doubtfire, Miranda understands hisimportance in her and her children’s life so in spite of being separated she agrees for a jointcustody of their children.Assessment of Movie FamilyThe movie is set in San Francisco where Miranda has a steady job of designing apartments(Maslin J, 1993). She is quite good at her job and thus earns the appreciation of not only the bossbut other clients as well. She is a hard working woman, who is organized and ambitious andsurprisingly the sole breadwinner of the family. Daniel in spite of being a good voice artistcannot keep his job. His carless attitude drives Miranda to finally ask for divorce. Both parentslove their children, but Miranda stays away for work most of the time, thus the children are moreclose to their father. All three children are well behaved; they go to school and are in good healththroughout the movie. Movie does not show any interaction of them with any friends, apart fromthe first birthday party scene. Although the children did not like babysitter’s presence anddominance but they quietly obey her. They also seem to like mother’s new boyfriend and showsno rebellion. Miranda displays the character of strong independent woman who tries hard to have
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