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POM A1.1: Operations Management Assignment

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Added on  2023-01-09

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This assignment requires analyzing the role and effectiveness of operations management and supply chain in an organization. It also involves evaluating the impact of effective operations management and proposing solutions to operational issues. The assignment is for the Unit 26: Principles of Operations Management in the BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business (RQF) program.

POM A1.1: Operations Management Assignment

   Added on 2023-01-09

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Assignment Brief
Unit Code, Number and Title A/618/5078 - Unit 26: Principles of Operations
Semester and Academic Year Semester 1 | Academic year 2022 - 2023
Unit Assessor(s) Bui Cam Van / Le Phan Hoa / Pham Thanh Van
Assignment Title POM A1.1: Operations Management
Issue Date October th, 2022
Submission Date 10:00 AM, October th, 2022
Student name Hoàng Thị Trâm Anh
NEU Student ID 10200243
Student declaration I certify that the assignment submission is entirely my own
work and I fully understand the consequences of plagiarism. I
understand that making a false declaration is a form of
Student name / Signature Tram Anh Date: 04/11/2022
Submission Format
This is an individual assignment.
The submission format is in the form of an E-report. Please refer to the “Turnitin Submission
Rules” posted on Moodle.
The file on Turnitin must be in Word format and include the first page of this cover sheet.
The first page of the cover sheet should be in picture format in order to ensure the accepted
similarity of Turnitin.
The similarity allowed is up to 25% after excluding references.
Name of the file includes Student ID_Unitname_Assessment no. (E.g.
Ensure that the authenticity declaration has been signed electronically.
POM A1.1: Operations Management Assignment_1
Plagiarism is unacceptable. Students must cite all sources and input the information by
paraphrasing, summarising, or using direct quotes. A Referral Grade is given when
Plagiarism is identified in your work. There are noexceptions.
Your evidence/findings must be cited using the Harvard Referencing Style. Please refer to
the Reference guide posted on Moodle. The Reference page is compulsory to upload on
This assignment should be written in a concise, formal business style using Arial 11 or
Times New Roman 13 font size and 1.5 spacing.
The word limit is 3,500 words (+/- 10%). If you exceed the word limit (excluding reference,
appendix, and administrative sections), your grade will be penalized.
You MUST complete and submit a softcopy of your work on the due dates stated on the
Assignment brief. All late work is not allowed to submit. This rule is not waived under any
Read ALL Instructions on this Page and review the Pass, Merit, and Distinction criteria
carefully. To pass the assignment, you must achieve ALL the Pass Criteria outlined in the
marking sheet. To achieve a Merit, you must achieve ALL the Merit criteria (and therefore the
Pass criteria). You must achieve ALL the Distinction criteria (and therefore the Pass and Merit
criteria) to achieve a Distinction.
Unit Learning Outcomes
LO1:Analyse the effectiveness of operations management in contributing to organisational
objectives across a wide range of organisations and sectors
LO2: Apply a range of techniques and analysis frameworks used by operations managers to
support decision-making and address problems
Transferable skills and competencies developed
Vocational scenario
Assignment activity and guidance
You are required to select an organization from either the FMCG industry or the hospitality
industry (restaurant or hotel) and do the following tasks:
Part 1:Introduce the organization that you choose
Part 2: Analyze the role and effectiveness of operations management and supply chain to
the organization.
Describe and analyze the role of operations management in the organization
Discuss the contribution of effective supply chains to the organization.
How 10 OM decision applied to meet tactical and strategic organizational
POM A1.1: Operations Management Assignment_2

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