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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – Final Submission.

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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – Final SubmissionStudent Name: Tania FarhatDate:Section 1:Insert your work from Milestone One: Setting Your Vision. Revise the work so itprovides an introduction for your final project.Section 2:Insert your work from Milestone Two: SWOT Analysis. Revise the chart andreflection based on feedback and reflection.Section 3:Insert your work from Milestone Three: PEST Analysis. Revise the chart andreflection based on feedback and reflection.Section 4:Fill out the chart below with the three practical goals you have developed during this course:GoalsAction StepsPotential ObstaclesPlan to OvercomeI will reduce mystress taking habit.I will go formeditationdaily.I will thinkbefore takingactions.I will seeksomepsychologisthelp.Timemanagementis one of theobstaclesalong with thestudyschedule.My parent’sagreement tome withrespect topsychologistMedicare.Myimpatiencecharacter isacting like anobstacle.I will make aproper timetable in orderto managetime for mystudies andmeditation.I’ll try toconvince myparents toallow me fortheprofessionalhelp.Meditationwill help meto be patient.I'll strengthen upmy strengths andwork on myweaknessI am good atcommunicating, so I'll gaintake somespeaking skillscourse so as toenhance themTimemanagementis the majorproblemheadingtowards mycourse forI will makethe prioritylist and propertime table soas to managetime for everysingle task.
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