OL 125: Personal Development Plan – SWOT Analysis (Milestone Two)

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University:  Southern New Hampshire University

Course: Macroeconomics 

Course Code: ECO202

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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – SWOT Analysis (Milestone Two)Student Name: Tania FarhatDate: 01/24/2017Strengths (What do I do well?)Weaknesses (Where can I make improvements?)I can control my life very well, and allthe events which are happening are also well organized by me.I’m very honest and trustworthiness person.I am a very respectful person everywhere.I can think in both languages, Arabic and English.I can communicate capably, but sometimes I experience problems in communicating.I am impatient person.I am a perfectionist as well, everythingmust be perfect with me.I’m a short-sided person in some situations. Opportunities (What kinds of things could I be doing based on my strengths?)Threats (Where could I be using my strengths and talents more productively?)Based on my strengths in controlling my life, I can finish Bachelor’s Degree.I gain a lot of best friends.Everyone respects me back.I can get many job opportunities since I speak two languages. I can use my strengths in my studying to improve my grades and get higher degrees.I can be a reference person anywhere, and for anyone.I can succeed with my personal relationships.I can choose any job I dreamed of in a lot of countries.

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