Personal Development Plan – SWOT Analysis

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OL 125: Personal Development Plan – SWOT Analysis (Milestone Two)Student Name: Tania FarhatDate: 01/24/2017Strengths(What do I do well?)Weaknesses(Where can I makeimprovements?)I can control my life very well, and allthe events which are happening arealso well organized by me.I’m very honest and trustworthinessperson.I am a very respectful personeverywhere.I can think in both languages, Arabicand English.I can communicate capably, butsometimes I experience problems incommunicating.I am impatient person.I am a perfectionist as well, everythingmust be perfect with me.I’m a short-sided person in somesituations.Opportunities(What kinds of things could Ibe doing based on my strengths?)Threats(Where could I be using mystrengths and talents more productively?)Based on my strengths in controllingmy life, I can finish Bachelor’sDegree.I gain a lot of best friends.Everyone respects me back.I can get many job opportunities sinceI speak two languages.I can use my strengths in my studyingto improve my grades and get higherdegrees.I can be a reference person anywhere,and for anyone.I can succeed with my personalrelationships.I can choose any job I dreamed of in alot of countries.
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