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Organizational Behavior and Techniques | Assignment_1

Organizational BehaviorTechniques used by the top management or the manager to increase the level of motivation of the employeesYes, I agree with the study that the managers should use motivation techniques, so that the employees can feel motivated and work in effective manner. The article gives main concentration on the techniques that should be considered by the managers, so that the productivity level can be increased. The thesis on which the focus is given is related with the techniques that are used by the top management so that the level of motivation of the employees can be enhanced in proper way. The main responsibility of the manager of Cerkezkoy is to give motivation to the employees, so that the efficiency can be seen in the work. It is very essential toattain the positive results to sustain in the market. If the organization is not able to attain the positive results then it can be very difficult for the organization to exist in the competitive market.The strength which is analyzed in the article is that the motivation techniques and methods give assistance to attain the goals of the organization. For the employees who are working in the organization, the support is considered as an important part. The support should be given to the top management, so that they can easily complete their activities or tasks on time. If the employees work efficiently, then it gives direct impact on the profitability of the organization. The employees or an individual who are working in the organization have their own needs and drives. The manager should analyze the needs so that motivation can be given to the employees, so that the work can be completed in an efficient manner (Vidyarthi, Anand and Liden, 2014).Motivation is a method which initiate and gives emphasis on the behavior of an individual or an employee who is working in the organization. The personal requirements of an employee are satisfied, as long as the individual is motivated to complete the task. It is seen that the manager can only attain the goals and objectives when he can maximize the level of satisfaction of both the employees and the organization. The motivation gives direct impact on the results of the organization. If a company takes into consideration to manufacture the products in large quantityto meet the needs and wants of the consumer and on the same hand if the employee is not motivated towards the work, he production capacity will be reduced and the organization has to
Organizational Behavior and Techniques | Assignment_2

Organizational Behaviorface the negative results. The employees are as very important aspect of the organization. No matter how updated the organization uses technology, employees are very essential to conduct and operate the day to day operations of the organization (Colbert, Barrick and Bradley, 2014). Ifthe business is successful, then there is a great factor behind it which is related with the level of motivation of the employees. If any of the employees are not motivated or have dissatisfaction from the job then it can give negative result and also hinder the working pattern of the employees. The growth and success of the company depends upon the motivation level of the employees working in the organization. To enhance the level of motivation, the company shoulduse the methods like conducting fun activities at the workplace, programs which are related with compensation, training and also development (Greco, Charlier, Christopher and Brown, 2014).Job satisfaction of the employees is minimizing who are working in the organization. There are many employees who are attracted towards the job which give the balance between the work andfamily life. It is seen that employee turnover is considered as a very serious problem in the corporate environment. The employees who are not satisfy with the job leaves the organization which creates a major problem for the organization. So to retain more and more employees in theorganization, motivation should be done by the top management. Turnover cost can result in veryexpensive and high. The financial performance of the organization is directly affected (Wilson, 2014).The employees who are working in the organization should feel comfortable to conduct its operations. If the employee is comfortable to work in an organization, then it can be beneficial for the organization and also for the employee. Every employee wants a good environment in which they can conduct their operation effectively. If the employees are not comfortable in conducting the operations, then it can be very difficult for the organization to attain the goals andobjectives. The whole responsibility is on the manager to create a good working environment for the workers (Phillips and Phillips, 2016). It is also analyzed that the employees who are conducting the same task on daily basis get bored which gives the negative impact on the job performance. If the level of job performance is low then it is seen that the quality of work and productivity level also decreases. In this situation not only the employee suffers the drawbacks but the company also faces a huge loss. So, it is very essential for the top management or the managers to use the techniques related with motivation (Ford, 2014). To enhance the level of
Organizational Behavior and Techniques | Assignment_3

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