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Organizational BehaviorMotivation Techniques by Top management By considering the article, the thesis statement on which the emphasis should be given is related with the methods, tools or techniques that are considered by the top level management to motivate the employees who are working in the organization. Organization behavior is concerned with exploring the behavior of human who are working in the organization. Motivation by the top management helps the employees to resolve the issues that are prevailing at the workplace and also to manage things according to that. The efficiency of the company can be determined by analyzing the success. Employees play a great role in every company to complete the task and activities that are prevailing in the organization (Canrinus, Helms-Lorenz, Beijaard, Buitink and Hofman, 2012).Motivation is a key which encloses all the qualities of the employee which he possessed. The strength which is analyzed in this article is based on the level of motivation in the employees who are working in the organization. There are various tools, methods and techniques that have enhanced the working pattern of the employees who are working in the organization. The methods and techniques are used that clearly defines and apply the methods that are used to enhance the efficiency. In this article there are various theories that are used to enhance the working capacity of the employees who are working in the organization. The research consumes the time and also it involves the qualified individuals in which the huge cost is indulged. When the data is analyzed then it is seen that the methods and techniques gives profitability to the organization but are not according to the point on which the full organization can trust on (Kleebbua and Siriparp, 2016).Motivation is based on the willingness of a person to attain and accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization. It is seen that the level of motivation should be based from time totime. Motivation is very essential so that the economic situation can be developed and also the scenario of the working pattern can be changed effectively. Motivation discloses all the skills of an individual worker and also enhances the confidence level of the employees to work effectively in the organization. It is considered as an essential asset which gives direct impact on the performance standards by the organization. To enhance the productivity level and also to motivate the employees the motivation should be implemented by the managers of the

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