Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

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2ORGANIZATIONAL BEHVIOUR AND PEOPLE MANAGEMENTQ1.One leadership style needs to be chosen over others because each style would have adifferent impact on the employees. As a project manager, the reward power seemsappropriate in case of the present scenario. In the Reward style leadership, a reward structureis made by the leader which would motivate the workers to reach a certain target to achievethe reward. The company is discussion is trying to shift to more environmental friendly waysof business which is causing a huge change in the basic systems and therefore requires theworkers to be motivated enough to prevent the company from falling into huge losses.Q.2There are about five different types of leadership styles, and for this particular projectteam, using thereward structure of leadershipwould be quite beneficial. In a circumstancewhere massive changes are taking place in the company, the quality of services andefficiency is bound to falter. However, designing an adequate reward mechanism would keepthe workers constantly motivated as they would know that excelling and achieving the targetsrequired would provide them with fruitful benefits. Also being theexpert leaderwith anexperience of the core tusks, in such a scenario would be great as the employees will be ableto relate more with their team leaders and work harder for the betterment of the company.Giving the employees a hint about the leader’s good relationship with the business headwould also motivate the employees more as they would see him as the role model and wouldwant to follow his footsteps.Q3.Influencing the project team would require the referent style of power because, oncethe employees understands that the leader has great connections with the higher order peopleof the organization, they would want to work harder to be like the leader. Motivating the teamwould require the expert power style of leadership in which the leader has had coreknowledge about the tasks the employees are doing as he/she was at their position too atsome point of time. This way the employees will be motivated to work hard and achieve the
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