Organisational and Individual Learning, Training and Development Assignment

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P3.Differences between organisational and individuallearning, training and developmentLearning is defined as a process of gaining new or modifyingexisting knowledge, skill and value which brings a permanentchange is behaviour of a person which isdeveloped throughexperience (Findsen, 2014). It is an long term process and isbeneficial in both organisational as well as individual learning.Organisational learning:-It refers to the process of creating,retaining and transferring knowledge within an organisationalenvironment for improving the current and future performance.Individual learning:-It refers to capacity to build knowledgethrough individual reflection after coming into a contact withexternal stimuli or sources and through experience in light ofinteraction with a particular environment.Organisational learning·Organisational learning is conducted todevelop the knowledge and skills among group of individualsworking in an organisation.·It is work-oriented and mainlyfocuseson improving the efficiency of employees working inWhirlpool in order to enhance productivity (Flinchbaugh and, 2016). ·Whirlpool regularly extend training to their existingemployees for improving their productivity and performance.Individual learning ·This type of learning is focused towarddeveloping or enhancing the knowledge of single individual.·Individual learning is more focused toward career developmentof a person. ·Individual learning is extended to a person fordeveloping a knowledge for performing their work effectively inWhirlpool.Training and development:-It refers to an educational processthat focuses on improving the performance of individual or groupby sharpening the skills, concepts and knowledge. Training anddevelopment is consider as an most essential function of an HRmanager. It plays an essential role in personal development ofemployees working in organisation which contribute toward itssuccess. Following table shows the difference between trainingand development.Basis of comparison:Training Development
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