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Apple Inc.: Company Overview, Competitors, Strategic Direction, and Recent Developments

Added on -2019-09-22

This article provides an overview of Apple Inc., its products, market position, and risk factors. It discusses the company's strategic direction, recent developments, and competitors. It also mentions the company's financial position and upcoming events.
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PART-AApple Inc. Company is engaged in design, manufacture and device and personal computers andalso to sell a variety of software and also to sell a variety of digital content and application. Thevarious products in which the company indulge is iPhone, iPod, Apple watch or Apple TV etc.and also the company sell its product worldwide through retail store, online or through thirdparty sources and the various consumers that are involved are small and mid size business,retailers and other value added resellers and the company is incorporated in the year 1977 inCalifornia and the segments in which the company operates in America, Europe, Greater Chinaand Rest of Asia Pacific. The list of competitors is different as the company is indulged in thedifferent type of field like personal computers, mobile phone or technology space. Thecompetitor of the Apple is Dell, Lenovo, H.P. Inc., Sony Corp. or Samsung etc. The position ofthe company within the industry as the share of the company has increased over the year whichis the world largest information technology company by revenue and the third largest mobilemanufacturer after Samsung and Huawei and according to recent valuation it has been valued at$ 1 trillion which makes the company enjoys a high position in the industry in which it operates.The recent development that has taken place within the company by introducing new type ofproduct in market that have not been there in the market earlier and have been launchedaccording to needs of customer like Home pod , wireless air pods and wireless charging also inthe field of watches with the features which will provide maximum health benefit to theindividual and all these developments are taking place in the industry at the faster rate as they aremuch more depending on the demand of the customer and which is increasing over the period.The key risk factors for the company are as they are the number of factors on the basis of whichthe company is affected is the globally and the regional economic condition as the consumer andother persons have to tighten their spending due to the economic recession which will ultimately

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