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Personal Reflection Reflective Paper

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Added on  2020-02-18

Personal Reflection Reflective Paper

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running Head: Personal ReflectionReflective Paper
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Personal Reflection 2Reflection on Impression management: From the view point of café ownerDescriptionImpression management defines a conscious or subconscious process in which humaneffort to influence or change the perception of the other people (Tedeschi, 2013). This influence is done by the person to enhance the social interaction in the organization. I believe that in the organization a person can use impression management both in the negative as well in the positive manner. Over here positive impression management shows that one person talking someone up. In simple terms, one person gives good or positive information about theother person. This makes the other person change the views (Roulin, Bangerter, & Levashina,2014). Taking about the deceptive impression management I believe that when any person shows the other person in the poor light that is negative impression management.InterpretationBeing a café owner I think that in a café one impression management towards a person can change the views and thoughts of many people. Every employee working in a caféhas a motive behind the impression management. It depends on the situation that the employee is facing while sharing the views about the other person. I believe that it reflects the Self-presentation or image of oneself in a café. This step is taken by the employees of the café to enhance the social interaction in the organization. As per my opinion, social interaction in the café plays a vital role in enhancing the working environment of the café. There are different ways that can be used by the employees to interpret the views. I believe that communication can be done either face to face or cross-culture communication can take
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Personal Reflection 3place in a cafe. Emerging way in the communication is computer-mediated communication such as e-mail (Berger, 2014). EvaluationI believe that being a café owner social interaction plays a vital role in the organization. I think each and every organization should manage the social interaction in café. I saw that some employees share their experience with the views and thoughts. Seeing this I believe that I need to understand the situation that employees want to explain. According to me, I need to manage the situation that may not create impression management.PracticalAfter going through the theoretical background of impression management I got to know that the role of impression management is great in managing a business. I learned that the impression management helps to influence the people, which is critical for the owner of business to get the work done from the personnel. As the café owner I would be facing conflicts with the personnel on many aspects. For instance, I may get into conflict with the personnel over the scope of work, in this situation the concept of impression management would help me to influence the personnel and persuade him to work in the manner in which I want. Further, the skills gathered through learning of impression management would also help me in managing relations with the regulators and the governmental agencies. It is to be noted that relationship management with the regulators and the governmental agencies is crucial for the smooth running of business and achievement of the overall objectives.
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