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Marketing Management Module Learning Outcomes

Added on -2019-09-13

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(Please delete as appropriate. If “other” please specify)Module assessment detail (approved at validation as amended by module modification)Module code & title7MK002Marketing ManagementModule Learning outcomes: Tick ()if testedhereLO1Critically analyse the changing environment(s) within which organisations operate and the implications for marketing management.LO2Synthesise marketing theory in order to develop marketing plans, applying appropriate models, tools and techniques.LO3 Formulate control mechanisms in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing plan.Assessment typesWeightings(%)Assignment 100Assessment type, weighting and LOs tested by this assessment indicated in the shaded area above by a Important requirements (Delete where appropriate, if other please provide detail)Mode of Working: individual Presentation Format: assignmentMark required to pass this coursework: 50%(Complete following detail)Assessment limits (in accordancewith UWBS assessment tariff)No more than: 6000 words, excluding appendicesAssessment Brief/ TaskThe detailed requirements for this task are as follows:You have been appointed as a Marketing Consultant. In this role you are required to prepare a three-year marketing plan for One Fine Stay in the UK marketTask 1. You are required to produce a summary of an environmental appraisal analysis for the company OneFine Stay in the U.K. market. - LO1 (20% weighting).Task 2. Identify two new target markets appropriate to the company, One Fine Stay in the U.K. market. This must include full justification of the target markets, customer profiling and positioning – LO2 (35% weighting).Task 3.Develop differentiated marketing mixes for each target market identified in part 2 (above). This must include marketing objectives and control sections for each mix. All recommendations must be fully justified – LO2, LO3 (45% weighting)1 | Page Assessment Briefing for Students

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