PPMP20010 Project Governance Report

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PPMP20010 Project Governance Report

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PROJECT GOVERNANCE REPORTKERB WORKS PROJECTPPMP20010 Project Governance Report 1PROJECT INFORMATIONProject Name: Kerb Works ProjectDate: 20th September 2017Project Ownership: Project Board Members, Execution FarmPrepared by: Director ProjectsDistribution List:Project Board Member, TMRHigh Government Officials, QueenslandOther Board Members, Execution FarmTejas Mehta, Project Manager, TMRProject Manager, Execution Farm2OVERALL PROJECT RESPONSIBILITYThe responsibility for this project lies with the Project Board member of the Executionfarm. The person or the group who has the full clarity about the objectives and aim ofexecuting the project actually takes the front driver seat and drives the project. Theindividual or group should also have the equal knowledge about the internal behaviour ofthe Farm, so it can only be fulfilled by some very powerful person of the farm that is theboard members. The obligation stays with the board individuals in regards to theachievement or disappointment of the task and its destinations. In this case, the ProjectManager is merely a daily coordinator for the site related work.3ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIESAND PERFORMANCE CRITERIAThe roles, responsibilities and performance criteria for this project consist of followingmembers and their roles as below:Sl.No.MemberRoles, Responsibilities and Performance criteria1Member of Project BoardCorrespondence management among the powerful partners and high profile stakeholdersDeveloping the Project management, Human Resource management Plan, Procurement Management Plan etc.Responsible for all sorts of legal bindingsMeasure the execution in the middle of the project life cycle stages Fix the procedure of executing the project ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE1
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PROJECT GOVERNANCE REPORTKERB WORKS PROJECTCreator of Business case & Project CharterShall oversee and responsible for the job in kerb works project and maintain the change management process Also responsible for arranging funds2Director of ProjectCoordinate between the Board members and ProjectManagerFollow Board members; instructionsDaily coordination of site by Project Manager3Project Manager, Execution FarmCoordinate daily activity at kerb worksSee the daily targets from Director and provide dailyprogressDaily coordinate among the team4GOVERNANCE ARRANGEMENTSThe governance arrangements for this project consist of many layered officials, like theProject Board members are at top who decides all the performance measures, requiredprogress rate at site, coordinate with TMR Board Members, take responsibility formaintain the quality at site and cash flow curve (Government of Western Australia,2017). Then the Project Director, who needs to deal with Tejas Mehta and Project manager ofExecution farm daily. If there should arise an occurrence of any adjustment in degree orquality prerequisite at site, it is the obligation of Project Manager to check the changenecessity alongside the technical HODs and after approval, need to forward upward wayto senior official or Project Director. At that point Project Director should re-approve theprerequisite and include couple of more data like its effect on calendar and cost andforward to board individuals for taking proper choice. In the event of any further inquiryby board individuals the record might move again in same channel. In the event that theextent of work increments because of some change in outline and particular which wasrequired to be executed for satisfying the site condition, for example, while executing atthe right side of the kerb the extra road was required to be blocked to avoid collision andwas not envisaged before. So there was additional scope of work. So for this situation,site Project Manager need to simply gather the site data and pass on to senior official orProject Director, at that point senior official or Project Director should confirm the changeeither by going by at site and do a physical confirmation or from the site archives andphotos. After the check of record is done, the Project Director need to ascertain thechange necessity and reconsidered bill of amounts. Alongside above computation,Project Director likewise need to figure the impact of progress that is the effect ofadditional extent of work on time and cost of the Kerb works project. Modify the finish ofabove exercise Project Director need to forward the report to the Project Board Membersfor validation. Then Board member may appoint some third party consultant to check theinformation and then may take some decision.ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE2
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