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Project Briefing Range of Services | Virtucon

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Project briefingCongratulations! You have been successful in gaining an appointment as an IT Project Manager consultant with Virtucon*.Your assigned projectPlease visittheVirtucon website( to learn more about Virtucon, and our range of services (note:you will be prompted to enter your Uni username and password to access this site).Once you have learned about Virtucon and our ranges of services, please access the Staff area by clicking on ‘Staff Login’ in the main menu and enter:Username: staff101Password: staff101Once logged in to the staff only site, you will be able to access details of the current projects Virtucon is working on. You have been assigned to the ‘Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show’ project.To access the project details, please click on ‘Current Projects -> Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show You also have access to a number of templates to be used throughout the project. To access these please click on ‘Templates’.Your ClientYour client is Globex Corp. To learn more about Globex and their business and history, please visit theGlobex website( You should ensure you visit the Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show page accessed via the ‘RALS’ link in the main menu. (note:you will be prompted to enter your CSU username and password to access this site).As a Virtucon staff member and in order to gather information for your assigned project, you have been granted temporary access to the Globex staff intranet. Please access this by navigating to the ‘Staff’ menu option. You will need to enter:Username: virtucon101Password: virtucon101In this area you will find the current form used to collect information for potential volunteers for the Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show (found under the ‘Documents’ menu option) as well as other information regarding Globex.Next StepsOnce you have read and familiarised yourself with all of this information, please read the requirements forAssessment 3 and Assessment 2 carefully.It is critical that you ensure you attend or watch the recording of the Online Meeting that will be held in Week 1, as more information and clarification will be provided. You will be allocated to your team during week 1 and 2 and you should arrange a suitable time to meet during week 3.There are a range of technologies you can use to ‘meet’ in the virtual space, such as Team Viewer, Google hangouts, Skype just to name a few. It is up to you as a team to select, trial and agree on a preferred method. *Virtucon and Globex are fictitious companies developed for the educational purposes of ITC306, ITC308 and ITC218.IMPORTANT: How the project will workAssessment 3 has been designed to inform your understanding of the scenario and how the subject theory should be applied.You will work in teams of approximately 4 students while preparing Assessment 3 to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, and to complete the required tasks, however Assessment 3 is not a traditional group assessment. You will submit individual assessments based on the discussions and outcomes of your team meetings.
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A minimum of three team meetings should be held during the session. Suggested timing of these meetings can be found in the subject schedule. Assessment 3 also includes a personal reflective piece on your teamwork experience and the role of ICT project manager requires in the IT profession.Each topic will prepare you for an assessment task and you will be prompted at the end of each topic as to which assessment tasks you should commence working on. However, in the mean time please ensure you familiarise yourself with the project and the subject requirements by following the above.Assessment item 2CharterTaskDevelop a charter for the RALS Rostering project including:Include the project description and overview you have developed as part of your preparation for Assessment 3.Part One:MOV - Measurable Organisational Value(This is the goal of the project and is utilised to define the value that your team project will bring to your client)• Identify the desired area of impact - Rank the following areas in terms of importance: Strategy / Customer / Financial / Operational / Social• With reference to your project, identify one or two of the following types of value:Better - is improving quality important to your client?Faster - does your client want to increase efficiency?Cheaper - is cutting costs important?Do more - does your client want to continue its growth?• Develop an appropriate metric - this sets the target and expectation of all the stakeholders. It is important to determine a quantitative target that needs to be expressed as a metric in terms of an increase or decrease of money.• Determine the timeframe for achieving the MOV - ask yourselves, when do we want to achieve this target metric?• SUMMARISE THE MOV IN A CLEAR CONCISE STATEMENT OR TABLE(Note: the MOV should inform everyone what the project will achieve, not how it will be achieved. It should also focus on the organisation, not on the technology that will be used to build or support the information system).
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