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Provide a justification of why this system needs to be developed: They are using the information system to maintain the information on their books, members and transactions efficiently. The system provides facilities to update records of available books, members and transactions of the members (issuing and returning of books) with printing, exporting and searching facilities. Here we have six table and every table have different variable. Primary key and foreign key also we add here. Every constraint uses with correctly and on best way. Provide a description of the business case and justification about the business benefits from implementing this system: Automatic update records of available books, members and transactions of the members.Case Study 2 ER Diagram: -Library has over 15,000 books. Information stored about books include unique ID, title, ISBN, publication year, author and publisher.A book might have many copies as like we see in every library. Each copy of a book is uniquely identified by copy ID but the copy id follows the main book with same name, cover and book ID.A book is written by one or many authors but some time one book written by one Author. An author is characterized by author ID name and date of birth. There Author id is Unique or primary key we use here in Author Id.A publisher is referenced by unique publisher ID, name and address.A publisher publishes many books.A member can borrow one or many books but the member should have unique id or primary key constraint. Library members are identified by member ID primary key. The library stores each member’s name, address, date of birth and contact number.Each time a member borrows a book, system records the member ID, the book copy borrowed, the date book borrowed and the expected date the book will be returned.A membercan reserve one or many books. The reservation date is also being recorded. We create ER Diagram from open the google chrome and search for ER diagram and any other diagram. When go on site then one pop showing. Click on create new diagram then select the diagram which one you want to create. Click on software at right side. Eight Diagram showing, select the entity-relationship diagram and push the create. There we shoeing different-different table. First select the table and change in the table name option. Change the table option name and other variable. Here isto show the primary key. Here we have only one primary key Book id and other are not use any constraint. Same choose the second table and change the variable and table name with need constraint. Similar did for all table and variable. All above provide information related to table we use here.
Entity Relationship Diagram: -For Data base diagram we use SQL server.

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