Question 2 Question 4 Question 6 Mean 1.4137931 Mean 1.82758621 Mean 2.34482759 Standard Error 0.09307608 Standard Deviation 0.50123001 Standard Deviation 0.50123001 Standard Deviation 0.50123001 Samp


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SettingObjectivesResearchofCustomersEvaluatingCompetitonSettingBudgetConsideringCommunicationChannelsDevelopingRightMessageProjecttherightimageLegalFormalitiesMonitorandMeasuringEvaluationofCampaignandStrategy0.001,000.002,000.003,000.004,000.005,000.006,000.007,000.008,000.009,000.001,500.006,500.003,000.004,500.007,000.004,600.002,000.008,500.001,500.002,000.00Budget in £Question 2Question 4Question 6Mean1.4137931Mean1.82758621Mean2.34482759Standard Error0.09307608Standard Error0.14945686Standard Error0.21216606Median1Median2Median2Mode1Mode1Mode1Standard Deviation0.50123001Standard Deviation0.80484983Standard Deviation1.14254922Sample Variance0.25123153Sample Variance0.64778325Sample Variance1.30541872Kurtosis-2.0072063Kurtosis-1.36071258Kurtosis-1.38012798Skewness0.36946148Skewness0.33331941Skewness0.18000133Range1Range2Range3Minimum1Minimum1Minimum1Maximum2Maximum3Maximum4Sum41Sum53Sum68Count29Count29Count29Largest(1)2Largest(1)3Largest(1)4Smallest(1)1Smallest(1)1Smallest(1)1Confidence Level(95.0%)0.1906577Confidence Level(95.0%)0.3061485Confidence Level(95.0%)0.43460248Secondary data collection:These are mainly examined the annualreports, assemblage information through internetsites, articles, blogs as well as research overnewspapers articles. Therefore, the use of varioussecondary sources of data aggregation which in turnwill be influential as to have right information anddetails regarding the facts.1.2 Presenting a survey methodology andsampling frameCollecting data and information from differentlactations, area and the group of populationthere will be consideration of various activitieswhich in turn will be effective and helpful as touse the right techniques of generating theideasTransaction Processing system TPS: It is the process which in turn helps in dividing the workinto computing the variable on the basis of individual, indivisible operations and severaltransactions. Therefore, the process of analysing the transactional data through implication ofvarious software will be effective and helpful as to analyse the cost efficiencies.Management information system MIS: This is the computerised software which willbe indicative and helpful to the business organisation as to have adequate implication of all theaccounts and records of all the transactions made during the period. It brings the ability to themanagerial professionals as to make necessary improvement in their operational activities.Decision support system DPS: It consists of all the relevant information with theorganisation which in turn helps in decision making as well as planning for improving thebusiness efficiency therefore, in relation with this the managerial professionals will haveeffective influences of the work and better operational management in the.1.1 Developing plan for data collectionThe changing environment operations as well as implications of various technologies which in context witha funnel to the professionals from various businesses as to make necessary changes in their operationalactivities. Thus, the report consists of analysing the technical changes influence consumers buyingbehaviour. The technical advancement will be effective and helpful to the business in terms of covering alarge number of consumers as well as have fruitful growth in sales and revenue.Primary data collection:These are the information which in turn will be effective and adequate for the business management aswell as brings the accurate details relevant with the facts and issues. Thus, it consists of assorted informant ofdata gathering such as observing the focus group. Preparing questionnaires, taking interviews and study overvarious cases.BUSINESS DECISION MAKING
Question 2 Question 4 Question 6 Mean 1.4137931 Mean 1.82758621 Mean 2.34482759 Standard Error 0.09307608 Standard Deviation 0.50123001 Standard Deviation 0.50123001 Standard Deviation 0.50123001 Samp_1

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