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Reflective Paper : Group Dynamics

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Added on  2021-06-15

Reflective Paper : Group Dynamics

   Added on 2021-06-15

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Reflection on Group Dynamics 1REFLECTION ON GROUP DYNAMICSBy (Student’s Name)Professor’s NameCollegeCourseDate
Reflective Paper : Group Dynamics_1
Reflection on Group Dynamics 2REFLECTION ON GROUP DYNAMICSIntroduction In my group, we were able to discuss over a period of four weeks meeting one day ineach week. For each week we tackled the trigger questions one by one. My team members wererequired to do extensive research on each trigger question before the meeting then we wouldmeet to discuss, and each team member was expected to contribute.One significant aspect of group dynamics that our group faced was communication. Inoticed that most members of our group had poor communication skills and this significantlyaffected the other team members and how they behaved (Forsyth 2018). This was evident as seenbelow using Gibbs' (1988) Reflective cycle (Gibbs 1988).Description Here, we began by outlining the key focus in our group. For example in trigger 1, myprincipal focus was on why Kyle has excluded in school and the statistics of exclusion inLiverpool. Initially, we had decided that everyone was to choose a key focus then we will discussit when we meet. However, in week one of the meeting I got into an argument with another teammember, and we were not able to communicate with each other to find a solution. Thedisagreement was because we had both focused on the same thing. As I tried to talk to themember to find a solution they kept on interrupting me and raising their voice. (Levi 2017).Also in week two when we were tackling the second trigger question the communicationwas poor (Brown 2018). Because of the previous disagreement I had with my team member, thetension was still existent, and the group had divided into two, those who were on my side andthose on my team member's party. I was hesitant to talk because I did not want to be shouted at
Reflective Paper : Group Dynamics_2
Reflection on Group Dynamics 3or interrupted and when I decided to speak I did not maintain eye contact. This was also evidentin the other team members.By the time we were meeting in week three to discuss the third trigger question whichwas why Kim was smoking and drinking there was no communication at all. I tried to talk to theteam member that I had argued with on day one, but they would not listen and kept on writing asI spoke. All the other team members were also doing their things during the meeting, and whenthe team leader was speaking, I could not hear because of a lot of giggling and talking from theother team members. In week four, we did not meet at all.FeelingsIn week one when I disagreed with my team member, I felt ambushed. This is becausewhenever I tried to speak to defend myself the teammate interrupted me and I could not get aword in. The group member was also shouting at me when talking, and this made me feelthreatened.In week two I did not feel like attending the meeting but decided to as an effort to show Iwas still willing. However, the meeting did not go as planned and this made me feel the tensionin the room. I thought of speaking to the group member aside so that we can resolve our conflictthus be able to work together but I was too afraid. I feared that they would shout at me again, so Idecided not to.In week three I was against going, but one of my teammates persuaded me. During themeeting, I was uneasy and uncomfortable. I felt excluded from the group because everyone wasdoing their things and very few spoke to me. When the team leader was talking, I was notlistening but instead thinking about how I will approach the person I conflicted. Once I contacted
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