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Human Resource Succession Plan for Health Care Organizations

Added on -2019-09-18

This article discusses the importance of succession planning in health care organizations and provides a step-by-step guide to designing a successful plan. It emphasizes the need for collaboration with the strategic planning of the organization and periodic assessment of development. The article also highlights the objectives of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) in creating management positions and leadership through training and tutorial programs. The overall success of the hospital and health system is dependent on a well-formed succession plan.
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Research and Design a Human Resource Succession Plan 1Research and design a Human Resources Succession plan for a health care organizationSuccession planning is a very important aspect to maintain a relentless service and accomplish the comprehensive vision of the health care organisation (Motwani et al., 2006). The process of succession planning has to be started with a vivid review of the organisational chart in regards to the strategic planning of the organization (Kowalewski, Moretti & McGee,2011). Then the hierarchy should be determined keeping in focus the key positions that should be maintained by the succession plan. A total survey of the employee profile should be conducted to keep a note of the academics, talent, aptitude and the drawbacks and henceforth work out the areas of improvement. The succession planning must be in collaboration with the strategic planning of the organisation and at the same time it should be dynamic that can evolve with the changing situation and requirement to accomplish the comprehensive goal and development of the organization (Sharma, Chrisman & Chua, 2003).1980s marked the beginning of human resources in the domain of hospitals and healthcare organizations keeping focus on the emerging needs of both the institution and the employees. For the seamless running of an effective management team, induction sessions should be conducted to motivate and train the potential employees and ensure that the human resources may suffice the requirements of the strategic plans of the health care organisation. The strategic plan of a pharmacy department is usually a formal plan that has in its vision a goal set for about five to seven years in future or even longer and the succession plan is a small part of it. The key processes include optimal recruitment and training of the pharmacy employees with a focus on creating a successful leadership and also managing the evident retirement cases. The recent reports reveal that delaying the retirement age is no more within the strategic planning program. American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) have its objectives set to create management position at all levels of hierarchy and create leadership by providing legitimate training and tutorial programmes in order to accomplish

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