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Title: To analyse the affect of social media on choices of consumers: A study on TescoINTRODUCTION1.1 BackgroundThe consumer choices are the most dynamic factors which every business person useto predict in a proper manner so that they can provide service in a better manner and getsuccess in market. As per the changes coming in market, it has become necessary for theorganisations to make a survey of customers so that their demands and needs can beunderstood. In this advancement, the choices of consumers have been affected to a very highdegree by the emergence of social media (Goh, Heng. and Lin, 2013). The customers use tobrowse different social media networking sites so that they can get diverse knowledge aboutthe things they want to purchase. On this basis, they make various opinions about the itemand make decisions regarding its buying. The present report has a discussion over the role ofsocial media upon the customers in affecting their choices. The research will be done byreferring the Tesco company which uses the digital media in a better way to shapeconsumer’s choice. Besides this, the report contains the relevance of this social media inimpacting the buying decisions of customers. As per this, the report has set out severalobjectives that will help in covering different points related to the consumer choices and roleof social media in this. Apart from this, the survey will be done to collect data which will beanalysed through qualitative method. 1.2 Aims and objectivesTo understand the concept related to consumers’ choices and role of social media in itthe report has set out a concrete aim which will cover a broad perspective to give a detailedunderstanding of the said topic (Fotis, Buhalis and Rossides, 2012). Besides this, it will helpin making a foundation for developing the objectives as well so that different areas related tocited topic will be more helpful in understanding. As per this, the aim for present study hasbeen set out in following way:Aim: To analyse the role of social media in impacting the consumers’ choices: A study onTesco.ObjectivesThe objectives set for research purpose help in covering the broad perspective ofstudy so that the overall aim of research can be covered. In addition to this, the objectives
framed for research help in identifying each significant aspect relevant to the subject.Following the aim set out in present study to comprehend the role of social media inimpacting consumers’ choices, below enlisted objectives will be helpful:To understand the concept of consumer choices and social mediaTo analyse the factors that impact the consumer choices.To understand the importance of social media sites for consumers.Research questionsWhat is the concept of consumer choice and social media?What are the factors that impact choices of consumers?What is the importance of social media sites for customers?1.3 Literature review The literature review consists of discussion done over the selected subject, wherearticles and previous researches related to similar topic are included. Besides this, it alsocontains the views and perceptions of various laureates and experts of area are included so asto give a more detailed discussion. The Literature review will give a detailed discussion aboutthe research topic undertaken so that all framed aims and objectives can be covered underthis. In present research process, the concept of consumers’ choice has been discussed. As perHennig-Thurau and, (2010), the consumers use to have a number of choices anddemands which keeps on changing as per the alterations coming in fashion, taste and trends.On the basis of these choices and demands, they make their buying decisions. The alterationswhich are coming in the present time has also brought a number of modifications because ofwhich the recent times have witnessed different changes. Further, these changes have beensupported by the emergence of internet and social networking sites. The use of differentmedia like Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites has exerted a deeper impact on thechoices of consumers. According to Wang, Yu and Wei, (2012), the use of social media haveincreased to a very high level as it provides a large platform through which they can sharetheir thoughts, browse a number of sites which give a good exposure of different desireditems. On this basis, they get various updates on latest trends, prices of products they arelooking for and other desired things so that they can make an effective decision.

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