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Research Project | Understanding Employee’s Motivation within Hilton Hotel

Added on -2020-02-12

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Research Title‘’To analyse the impact of employee’s motivation on the performance of organisation: A casestudy of Hilton Hotel”INTRODUCTIONEvery business organisation desires to attain the effective success anmd growth thecompetitive market. In the present competitive market, it is very important to developcompetitive advantage for the organisation. In order to develop competitive advantage and attainthe excellent growth , personnel’s plays a very crucial role within company. In the absence ofhuman resources, no firm can attain its determined objective. Thus, employees are mostimportant part of every business enterprise. Business unit required to maintain and retainemployees for long time o as it can effectively grow within market. In this manner, employeesmotivation is very important by which personnel’s can retain within business enterprise as wellas contribute their best efforts within business. Therefore, it can be said that employeesmotivation is very important under which management appreciate and recognise employees workand performance in terms of monetary and non monetary rewards. The following research project provides the depth knowledge and understanding aboutemployee’s motivation within Hilton hotel. It is the famous hotel within UK which providesluxury accommodation services to customer in the UK market. Cited venture is facing the issuerelated to poor and ineffective performance of employees through which entire progress andgrowth of Hilton hotel has decreased. This is major research issue in this research project sovarious methodologies and techniques will implement in this report to identify the best solutionof research problem. The major objective of research is to analyse the impact of employeesmotivation on the performance of employees. Thus, investigator will provides knowledge aboutvarious techniques of motivation and its impact on the performance of human resources.1.1 Establish research project outlineResearch Aim‘’To analyse the impact of reward system on the employee’s performance within organisation: Acase study of Hilton Hotel”Research objective3
To understand the meaning and concept of employees motivationTo determine various techniques of employees motivation within organisationTo analyse the impact of employees motivation on performance of business Recommend the ways through which employees motivation can improve within HiltonhotelResearch QuestionsWhat is meaning and concept of employees motivationWhat are various techniques of employees motivation within organisationAnalysis of the impact of employees motivation on the performance of corporation1.2 Factors that contributes to the process of researchThere are various major reasons through which investigator selected employees motivationas research topic. The major reason is that scholar has sufficient knowledge and understandingabout this topic and also has sufficient data and information. In addition to this, investigatorwanted to analyse the impact of employees motivation so as this topic has selected as researchtopic. Furthermore, this research topic is very important and can implement within everybusiness firm that’s why investigator has selected this topic.In order to conduct the research, scholar will require major three resources that is finance,time and human resources. Time is very important factor which affect investigator whileconducting investigation. Scholar have very limited time period so in order to overcome theimpact of time, investigator will use Gantt chart method by which each activity of research willorganise according to limited time period. In addition to this in order to overcome the impact offund, activity based costing method will implement within research study.1.3Undertake the critical reviewMeaning and concept of employee’s motivationAs per the view of Thompson, and Kleiner, (2015) employees are most important part ofevery business organisation by which it can attain its determined objective within time period. Inthe absence of employees no firm can achieve its success and goal. Thus, employee’s motivationis significant aspect for business enterprise through which human resources can maintain andretail within firm for long time period. Employees motivation is a process under whichmanagement or higher authority encourage, appreciate and recognise personnel’s performancetheir work and their value is determined in terms of monetary and non monetary rewards.4

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