Morrison's Globalisation - Benefits and Drawbacks

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Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________Student ID: ____________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________Date: ___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title: ______________________________________________Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTopic: To investigate the benefits and drawbacks associated with globalization in the context of retailsector: A study on Morrison’sBackground of the studyGlobalisation refers to the integration of companies, people, different nations and government in orderto invest and trade in the global market (Hanson and, 2016). Globalization leads to increase in thetechnology, trade, resources and interconnection between different economies. Companies go for globalisationin order to increase their market share, earn profits and take advantage of economies of scale. Current trend ofglobalisation provides retail sector number of opportunities to connect with different countries and enter innew markets to increase market share. However there are various factors which impact the businessenvironment of retail sector such as political, social, cultural, technological etc. The present report is based onMorrison's company which is an online supermarket selling foods, drinks and home appliances. The researchreport will include the concept of globalization, its benefits and drawbacks faced by Morrison's duringglobalisation. Further report will include recommendations to the company which help them in achievingbusiness goals.Research aim and objectivesAim:The aim behind conducting present study is to assess the benefits and drawbacks pertaining toglobalization in the context Morrison’s.Objectives:To develop understanding about globalization and its trend.To assess the significance of globalization with regards to the business operations of Morrison’s.
To identify challenges that Morrison’s faced due to globalization.To recommend strategies to Morrison’s that contribute in the attainment of goals under globalizedenvironment.Research questionsQ.1 What is the concept of globalization?Q.2 What are the benefits of globalization in business operation of Morrison's?Q.3 What are the challenges faced by Morrison's due to globalization?Q.4 What are the recommendations given to Morrison's to achieve business goal under globalization?Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectThe reason behind conducting the research is that slowly and gradually retail sector is going global inorder to reduce cost of operating and increase their market share. The trend of globalisation is increasing andit is impacting the retail sector in both negative and positive way. The purpose of conducting the presentresearch is to identify the benefits and drawbacks of globalisation on retail sector.Section Three: Literature sources searchedAs per the view of WatsonIV and (2018),globalisation is defined as increasing the market shareby entering in new markets and taking advantages of economies of scale. Globalisation means expandingbusiness in new countries in order to earn more profits and attract new customers. It brings variousopportunities and benefits for companies to enter in larger markets, access to capital flows, large exportmarket, selling goods and services at lower price, low cost of production, technological advancement,increasing awareness among customers. However, on theother side Intriligator, M. (2017), highlighted thatthere are various challenges faced by companies during globalisation which make difficult for them inachieving business objectives. There are various external factors which affect companies are political,economic, cultural, social, legal and environmental. Companies need to change their business operations,marketing strategies, policies and procedures in order to overcome these challenges. It is difficult forcompanies to adopt changes quickly and compete in the market with the existing companies.According toCapobianco, Davies and Ennis, (2014)over past few years regulatory authorities preparerules and regulations for cross border business trade and cooperation. Across nations many agencies are openwhich are liable to evaluate and regulate cross border business cooperation between firms. Such kind ofactivities have reduced cross border cooperation between firms as it become now more complex now a day.Thus, there is need of simplification of rules and regulations so that in more freedom environment firms canoperate at domestic and international level with in collaboration with foreign firms.The rules and regulationshas for the cross border business trade and cooperation. That create the safety as well as issues for business
when they want to be expanded into other country. It is effective for business to make it is in respectivemanner. The country has change rules and regulations that may affect to business by introducing their laws.According to the views ofGreenleaf, (2016)at global level UN must recognize data protectionconvention 108 as global treaty. This is because it provides relevant entities number of benefits likevoluntary obligations of firms is decided which make liable to them to protect data, rules are prepared inrespect to data export etc. Such kind of think will ensure data protection to great extent in era ofglobalization. According toBorio and Filardo, (2007)inflation now become stable across the nations and itsuse in inflation measurement reduce to great extent. Apart from country specific conditions globalfluctuations play crucial role in determining inflation in any nation. Hence, global factors must also be takenin to account by the firms. The inflation rate reduce the great extent in the nation. That is more important forthe business growth factors.As per the view of Kirkegaard, (2007), globalisation is the reduce the time for adding new features to productas well as make effective changes in the business aspart form the business growth. This is help to build moreeffective and valuable changes in the company for the further work as per application of developmentintergeneration effectiveness. It is the process of increase integration and inter dependency towards work. Inthe contradict Sako, (2005), stated that the political globalization is take amount of the political operationthat are existed between different countries. It is the better place where individual are make and increasethere states to prevent conflicts of work and its growth factors. As per that, he said the another types ofglobalisation that is social globalization has refers the sharing ideas and information between and throughdifferent countries. Companies need to change their business operations, marketing strategies, policies andprocedures in order to overcome these challenges. It is difficult for companies to adopt changes quickly andcompete in the market with the existing companies. This create the more cultural aspects for the business. Inthat owner may knows a extra knowledge of culture and social differences in respective manner. There hasdifferent new sources of outsourcing to be the business leaders, economics, for the non manufacturing jobsfor the business growth in respective manner.Sako, (2005) cited to Bardhan and Kroll, (2003), economic globalization refers the more interaction betweentrades and exchanges of resources for the business aspects. This creates a more flexibility for business for itsnational economy which is really operates in isolation. That means national countries economic hasinfluenced each other. He stated that the economic refers the national economic globalization is technologiesand resources in process to promote business growth factors in respective manner. On the other sideCapobianco, Davies and Ennis, (2014), the technology in the globalization had been effective because everycountry have their own technology for work and style which is helped top business to overcome its workprocess. The validity of data is extent the impact the off sourcing data patent. The outsourcing and offsourcing is the key issue for the business when its is try to expand into the other country.Books and journals
Borio, C.E. and Filardo, A.J., 2007. Globalisation and inflation: New cross-country evidence on the globaldeterminants of domestic inflation.Bresler, L. and Stake, R. E., 2017. Qualitative research methodology in music education. InCritical Essaysin Music Education(pp. 113-128). Routledge.Kirkegaard, J. F., 2007. Offshoring, Outsourcing, and Production Relocation-Labor-Market Effects in theOECD Countries and Developing Asia.Sako, M., 2005. Outsourcing and offshoring: key trends and issues.Available at SSRN 1463480.Bardhan, A. D. and Kroll, C., 2003. The new wave of outsourcingKirkegaard, J. F., 2005.Outsourcing and offshoring: pushing the European model over the hill, rather thanoff the cliff!(Vol. 3). Working Paper Series.Capobianco, A., Davies, J. and Ennis, S. F., 2014. Implication of Globalisation for Competition Policy: TheNeed for International Co-operation in Merger and Cartel Enforcement.Available at SSRN 2450137.Flick, U., 2015.Introducing research methodology: A beginner's guide to doing a research project. Sage.Greenleaf, G., 2016. Balancing Globalisation's Benefits and Commitments: Accession to Data ProtectionConvention 108 by Countries Outside Europe.UNSW Law Research Paper. 16-52.Hanson, D. and, 2016.Strategic management: Competitiveness and globalisation. Cengage AUIntriligator, M., 2017. Globalisation of the World Economy: Potential Bene?ts and Costs and a NetAssessment. InEconomics of Globalisation(pp. 85-94). Routledge.Kumar, R., 2019.Research methodology: A step-by-step guide for beginners. Sage Publications Limited.Mackey, A. and Gass, S. M., 2015.Second language research: Methodology and design. Routledge.Watson IV and, 2018. International market entry strategies: Relational, digital, and hybrid approaches.Journal of International Marketing. 26(1). pp.30-60.Section Four: Activities and timescalesMentioned belowHow long this will take:13 weeksMilestone one: __data collection_______________Target date (set by tutor): _____1/9/2019_______________Milestone two: _Analysis of gathered data set______________________
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