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Management and Operation Introduction

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Added on  2020-02-05

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Leaders make team work more effective and keep measure of every employee’s performance who are working in one team. Roles and characteristics of leaders and managers In Walmart company leaders and managers maintain efficiency of the firm in their specific departments. Leaders make team work more effective and keep measure of every employee’s performance who are working in one team.

Management and Operation Introduction

   Added on 2020-02-05

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INTRODUCTION Each and every organisation manger and leaders are plays a critical role. Managers andleaders make organisation more effective with help of strategic tools and techniques. In anorganisation manager and leader focus on management operational activities which may affect thewhole organisation. Hence, the professional and leader give their best performance in order toachieve organisational efficiency. In an organisation, operational management is aid to maintainproduction cost and other costs. Walmart is a one of leading retail firms in the UK which may offervariety of consumer goods products. Walmart offer high quality goods products. This reportanalyses company’s operational activities, managers role and leadership characteristics (AhiandSearcy,2013). In addition to this, various approaches are defined which helps in accomplishingultimate objective of the firm. Further this report focuses on macro factors of establishment whichhelp the manager to control risk related to market fluctuation and competition.TASK 1P1. Roles and characteristics of leaders and managersIn Walmart company leaders and managers maintain efficiency of the firm in their specificdepartments.An individual who guides the team is a leaderand also show roadmap to provideeffective direction according to their tasks. Leaders make team work more effective and keepmeasure of every employee’s performance who are working in one team.While, manager is aperson who directly keep a check on every activity and process of firm and provide direction toeach department in an organisation. Manager makes their policies and regulation which may help toprovide stability in their workplace. Rules and regulation are set by professionals to ensure effectiveworking process in the company.Pathfinder and professionals motivates taskforce tofollowworking patterns of the entity.Motivationof employees is essential toencourage them towards theirwork which may help to increase their level of performance.Walmart manager ensure safe andhealthy working environment for the staff.Differentiate between managers and leaders:LeaderManagerIndividual who manages the working ofspecific team and its worker is known asleader.It is the one who manages teamperformance and show them the pathA person who controls and manages thefunctions of the company.Walmart manager provides direction towhole organisation. Employer makes policies for effectivePage 1
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towards the organisational goal.Leaders focus on proper work distributionin team. Leaders set short term goals which are easyto adapt and change according to internaland external environment of the company.Leaders motivate and encourage employeesto establish efficient working environmentamong team members.Leaders specifically stress on completion ofwork on time.Sometimes leaders may create an informalbehaviour to build friendly relationship withevery workers.On the other hand, leader provides equalopportunities to team members which leadto create innovations in working practices. working of employees.Strategies are discovered and implementedby manager which helps in accomplishingthe goals.It is duty of employer to allot work to staffas per their skills and knowledge.Few managerial styles which managersgenerally adopt are, democratic,authoritarian and consultive style. Proffesionals evaluate market factors onregular basis to control risk.The person is directly link to top levelmanagement.Employer controls every activity of the firmthat are planning, execution, directing,controlling. Manager also focuses on recruitment andselection process of the company wherethey hire skilled staff as per the jobrequirement in the organisation. TASK 2P2. Roles of leaders and the functions of a managerThere are several roles of leader and functions of manger in the company. Leaders andmanagers have their own working practices where they both are performing well in respectiveareas. Roles of leaders which help them encourage the employees are as follows:Motivation: Motivation helps to provide encouragement towards their working practices.Leaders always focus on build healthier and motivated workforce environment. They ensure tomotivational tools and techniques which are helpful to increasing motivation in their team mates.Walmart leaders provide motivates team workers by appreciating their work, reducing workloadand by rewarding them for good work. Team Building: Leaders are majorly lay stress on team development. In the company thereare numvers of workers working in different team under different team leaders, wherein leaderswork is to increase the efficiency of its own taskforce. Team leader helps in building groupenvironment where leader sometimes have to follow formal and informal practices. Further,Page 2
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