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Role Play Planning Checklist for BSBLDR502

Appendix 4 Networking plan for Assessment 2 of the course BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships at TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute

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Added on  2023-06-15

About This Document

This document provides a checklist for demonstrating role play skills for BSBLDR502. It includes examples of skills like setting the scene, negotiating collaboratively, and acknowledging work culture. The document also includes a discussion on improving workplace relationships and managing business operations. The subject is BSBLDR502 - Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships. The course code and college/university are not mentioned.

Role Play Planning Checklist for BSBLDR502

Appendix 4 Networking plan for Assessment 2 of the course BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships at TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute

   Added on 2023-06-15

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BSBLDR502Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships
Role Play Planning Checklist
Learner Instructions
To achieve a satisfactory result for the role playboth the planning section and the skills section of this
document needs to be assessed as satisfactory.
Task 1b – Role Play Skills for your Audio recording
Your assessor will be looking for you to demonstrate the following skills consistently throughout the role play.
Setting the scene
Establishing Rapport
Me: Hello Mr. Leigh. Hope you are well and good with the new job roles at JKL
Leigh: Yes very much. Thank you for your concern and yes I am trying my level best to make sure that the previous
issues are not faced again. I have enabled the staffs to participate in training sessions and establish two way
communication for working in coordination, as an unit.
Me: You have been in the position of Account manager here for some time, how is your experience? By the way, i am
the new counsellor appointed.
Leigh: I enjoy being part of JKL, as I have dedicated myself completely to make the employees move in the right
direction and at the same time maintain the values, beliefs and culture. This will not only strengthen relationships
between the employees but could also improve the communication process efficiency largely.
Me: There have been lots of positives I guess so?
Leigh: It will not be appropriate to say about my own benefits, but our organisation has been responsible for serving the
customers better and at the same time creates enough scopes to retrain the rental employees for enhancing their skills
and knowledge level.
Me: What benefits you could obtain by retraining the rental employees?
Leigh: By retraining the talents, it would be easy to improve their skills, knowledge and expertise, furthermore make
them capable of performing to their potential with ease and effectiveness.
TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute
Created: 18/07/2016
Version: 1.0
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Role Play Planning Checklist for BSBLDR502_1
Clearly explain purpose of meeting
Me: i came to know about the meeting. But about what we are going to discuss?
Leigh: I am calling all the staffs to discuss certain matters and evaluate their areas of weaknesses, based on which I can
make arrangements for retraining them.
Me: Do you think it will be beneficial?
Leigh: Yes, it will improve their skills and abilities to adapt to changes and perform efficiently1.
Me: What are the other areas that you will likely focus on making improvements?
Leigh: I will try to provide the best value to the investors or shareholders and furthermore ensure that the costs of
negotiating with the suppliers are reduced. Due to the closure of the Rental Division, a significant amount of loss has
been faced. Therefore, I would try my level best to exit from the markets that are underperforming and create new
stores that can ease down the accessibility to products and services for the customers. To make all these successful, I
need to gain the responses of everyone which can be possible through the meeting.
Me: Do you think improving these areas can benefit the organisation as well as enable the talents to become more
competent and skilled?
Leigh: Improvement in these areas could create value for the investors and influence their decisions and choices to
make investments.
Me: What could be the benefits of making investments?
Leigh: It could assist in managing the projects and at the same time, provide training and developmental sessions to the
rental employees for improving their skills, knowledge and expertise.
Me: What are the other things that you need to consider after recruiting the rental employees?
Leigh: The recruitment and selection processes are not the only things needed to be done, but it will also be essential for
understanding their training and developmental needs to improve their performances and ensuring successful business
management too.
Discussion of issues
Using verbal prompts
Me: How can you make the organisation adapt to the changes when the policies are not in place to retrain rental
Leigh: I am not much accustomed with the previous structure of the organisation, but I will like to implement some
changes and retrain the staffs so that the policies are followed and the company can regain its previous place within the
business environment.
Me: To respond to the changes, it is important for retraining the talents as well as attract new skilled workers. How
could you do that?
Leigh: I would conduct workforce planning as well as implement the staff planning through conduction of skills audit
and analyse the roles required to be filled during the recruitment strategy.
Me: How do you use the verbal prompts to manage the staffs efficiently?
Leigh: The verbal prompts include verbal messages and expressions or any sign languages to make the staffs informed
about then business functioning, organizational policies and mission statement for achieving the goals and objectives
with ease and effectiveness.
Listening empathetically and responsively
Me: I understand your worries and the resolving techniques that you will follow and it seem quite good.
Leigh: Yes, by conducting the meeting, the rental staffs will listen attentively and the issues can be identified, based on
which, the organisation can remain functional in spite to the restructuring done. By obtaining different views and
opinions from the employees, it would be convenient for me to understand their needs and provide training programs
Me: What do you think it requires to be a responsible employer and leader?’
Leigh: It is important to understand the concerns of the employees and at the same time retain the managerial talent
through promotions, training and rewards provided to the employees. This could keep them motivated and encouraged
to perform to their potential.
Me: What can be the benefits of listening attentively?
Leigh: See, the meetings arranged will allow engaging the staffs and from that scenario, their needs and preferences will
1 Gaur, Mamta, and Narges Ebrahimi. "Understanding Workplace Relationships-With Special
Reference to Superior-Subordinate Relationship–An Important Dimension Having Impact On The
Success, Growth And Performance of the Employees And Organization." International Journal of
Research and Development 2.2 (2013): 7-12.
TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute
Created: 18/07/2016
Version: 1.0
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Role Play Planning Checklist for BSBLDR502_2

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