s. HRM39 MANAGING PEOPLE Lecturer: Barry Lee Scherer.

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sHRM39 MANAGING PEOPLELecturer: Barry Lee SchererObserving and Interpreting BehaviourWorkshop - Week beginning 5 December 2016LEARNING OBJECTIVESBy the end of this session you should be able to:Identify and evaluate an appropriate experience to use as a basis for your first assessment.Clarify the rationale for your selected experience.Identify appropriate concepts, theories and/or models that will help you with your observations andinterpretation of behaviour in an organisational or work setting and apply these;Consider the importance of assumptions, values and perceptions in understanding experiencesinvolving misunderstanding or conflict.Identify key elements in the organisational setting, the task and the group that help to understandandexplain what took place.WHAT IS YOUR ASSESSMENT TASK?“Select one or two appropriate and authentic experiences. Rationale for the selection: what was thecontext? What were the managing and developing people issues involved? How were you involved?“Application of appropriate concepts, theories and/or models to examine the chosen experience(s) tocreate a multi-dimensional analysis of the selected experience(s)”PROGRESS REVIEW:1.HAVE YOU IDENTIFIED AN APPROPRIATE EXPERIENCE?Briefly identify the experience (involving who and what issues?)2.RATIONALEWhy and how is this important to you?
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