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SECTION 1Task 1: Skills AuditTask 2: Class ActivityQue. 1: ReflectionFrom the above stated auditing of self skills it can be assessed that, I have full knowledgeabout the BODMAS from definition to the calculation performance. Further, this particularaspect reflects to the Bracket, Order, Division, Multiply, Addition as well as Subtract. In the dataset if any kind of calculation is required to perform then I am able to apply rule of BODMAS inproper manner. When considering to the fraction, denominator, mixed number as well asnumerator then I have knowledge up to the certain extent. Therefore, to perform appropriatecalculation I need better practice which will support to make me better in this aspect as well.Moreover, about the ratios whether they are simple or another I have adequate knowledge and I1
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not need any practice in this area. However, I am not sure about add, multiply, subtract as well asdivide in the numeracy. Que. 2: ExampleOrder of operations:When a person is going to perform calculation of some data or equation then it ismandatory to consider the order to specific rule according to order of operations. Further, in thisBODMAS rule is applied on the equation of data set (Weller and et.al., 2013). For instance:Illustration 1:Illustration 2:= 7 – 6 / 3 * 2 + 5= 7 – 2 * 2 + 5 = 7 – 4 + 7 = 3 + 7 = 10 (solution)Operations on positive and negative number:When there are numbers given in positive values then known under the operations onpositive number. For instance:= 7 + 2 – 32
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