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The American Online Brand | ASOS

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Added on  2019-09-30

The American Online Brand | ASOS

   Added on 2019-09-30

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Slide-1IntroductionASOS is the American online brand which is the fast growing high fashion brand in the United Kingdom. The company has attracted more than 13.6 Million visitors since 2000. The company is currently available in six countries, namely, the UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, and Italy.ASOS.COM provides the exclusive and unique experience of shopping to the males and females which lie under the age group of 16-34 years. The brand satisfies the needs of consumers by fulfilling their demands. The company provides mass products which provide the competitive advantage because no one provides the huge amount of products under one brand. It also provides the world’s most fashion forward individuals. Slide-2Marketing Problem & ImplicationsThe problem faced by the company is ineffective marketing which directly impacts on the sales revenue of the company. Furthermore, it impacts on the goodwill of the company. The revenue of the company is influenced by the competitors who are providing the similar products in the same industry. Slide-3Proposed solution & objective
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The proposed solution is to adopt various marketing techniques such as online marketing, advertisement on national and international television which helps to promote the brand in the eyes of the consumers. Following are the three areas which help to boost the sales through effective marketing plan:1.Marketing research and brandingThe market research is the most important tool which helps to make the customized strategyto attract a large number of consumers through analyzing the consumer demands, taste, and preference.2.PlanningThe marketing strategy planning is defined as the process which helps to develop and implement the effective marketing strategy of the company. It comprises of identifying the opportunities for promotions and evaluation of marketing opportunities, identifying the target consumers, create a strategic position and the implementation of the strategy which helps to promote the brand through marketing efforts of the company.3.AdvertisementIt is the tool of the company which disseminates information regarding the brand to a large number of consumers through buying the space in different mediums. It helps to recognize the brand logo and name by the consumers who provide a competitive advantage to the brand, and it directly impacts on the sales volume of the company.Slide-4Marketing strategy
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The marketing mix strategy is used for doing the effective branding which helps to promote the brand in the eyes of the consumers through creating awareness and building brand image. It is used to produce the desired results from the target audience. The strategy comprises of product, price place promotion. 1.ProductIt includes the position of a product through using of attractive packaging, labeling, quantityand quality which helps to distinct the product among the competitors. 2.Price It is the most crucial element because it influences the buying behavior of individuals. Thereare various pricing strategies such as skimming, penetration, cost plus, psychological and others. 3.PlaceIt includes the channel adopted by the company for distributing its products such as retail, online, wholesale and others. 4.PromotionIt includes the selection of promotional activities to promote the brand such as an advertisement, online marketing.Slide-5The marketing mix comprises of four P’s, namely, product, price, place and promotion. The fourP’s are explained below:1.Product Mix
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