Social Strategies as a way of Contributing Towards the Development of the Society

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4 PINES BREWING COMPANY2Part 1Formative SubmissionIntroductionThe United Nations press briefing on sustainable development[CITATION UN17 \l 1033]acknowledges that there is little effort made towardsmeeting global sustainability. Amongthese are concerns for climate change, which includes the reduction of greenhouse emissions.The universal agenda recognizes that sustainability connects to economic, social andenvironmental factors[ CITATION Sha11 \l 1033 ]. Inbusiness, sustainability encouragescompanies to embrace environmental and social strategies as a way of contributing towards thedevelopment of the society. The applications are different in varied case scenarios. Australia’stop private owned beer company 4P has an organizational goal whose focus is to offerexceptional beer experience. Its implementation strategy for sustainability mentions social andenvironmental responsibility[ CITATION 4Pi171 \l 1033 ].The organization acknowledges theimportance of values and authenticity in its integrity, craftsmanship and community service. Thisdiscussion analyses the 4P management team’s unpretentious sustainability approach withcomparisons to real life sustainability practices in the corporate world. Reputable businessestoday incorporate sustainability in business decisions but the approaches are different. Thesecover more than the environmental concerns and may include innovation & technology,community CSR and sustainability reporting. 4P’s strategy is the alignment of the employee’sgoals with the organizations agenda.[ CITATION 4Pi17 \l 1033 ].Identification of sustainability initiative and authenticityThe brewing company, which has been in existence since 2008 is a service industry. Itsplan shows a genuine attitude towards sustainability as indicated by its management approaches.A closer look at its long-term goals unveils an employee culture whose focus is on people.Driven by passion, honesty, and unpretentious attitude, the brand recognizes the value ofpeople[ CITATION 4pi17 \l 1033 ]. The company seeks the best employees and provides acompetent working environment.Among them are rewards and participation in company profits.This gives it an authentic purpose, and agenda for effective sustainability. This plan ensures thatthe benefits trickle down to the consumer for sustainable future business. Innovation as a
4 PINES BREWING COMPANY3sustainability exercise incorporates improved changes in the supply chain, business model andmeeting consumer’s needs[ CITATION Wag11 \l 1033 ].In this case, the consumer as themotivation influences the innovation process. Most important on its sustainability is theemployee who determines the success of the organization. Its approach distinguishes it fromcompetitors and it upholds its long-term plans. Most organizations have corporate socialresponsibilities as the center of their sustainability. However, few place much emphasis on theemployee as 4P Beer Company. Its ‘selfie’ plan encourages exemplary working relationship forits employees.Authenticity of sustainability initiative4P is genuine in its plan because its website clarifies that sustainability revolves aroundenvironmental and social responsibility goals. 4Ps agenda targets employees and otherbusinesses in the industry for a better business environment. Its plan is to have sustainablerelationships. The brand is a producer of beer, which uses a natural resource, malt. The companysources for it across the globe. Sustainability will ensure a stable supply of these resources. Otherorganizations choose to pursue environmental initiatives, which emphasize on the reduction ofcarbon emissions during production, energy saving and clean processes[ CITATION Kra11 \l1033 ].4P stands out with its contribution to the larger consumer within its location in Australia.Although it needs to consider incorporating, charity projects that do not have direct benefits to itsprofits. Employees, customers and business relations are also important in business. However,CSR that gives to the community does not expect any returns. Analysts would consider 4 PineBrewing Company’s approach to sustainability a Public Relations Act because its impact doesnot have a trickledown effect on society[ CITATION Eps14 \l 1033 ].It is evident that 4P enlistsenvironmental and social responsibility amongst its sustainability goals. This is becauseconsumers today prefer to associate with brands that have an authentic sustainability approach.Part 2Summative
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