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SOSTAC PLAN FOR EL PARADOR RESTAURANT 2AbstractThis is a SOSTAC plan for El Parador Restaurant in London, UK. A SOSTAC plan isa very effective tool for the planning and management of any new setup or company. ThisSOSTAC plan analyses the present situation of the company and delves into the objectives,strategy, tactics, action plan and control plan for the same thus producing a verycomprehensive and structured plan for the restaurant and hence leading to greater profits.
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SOSTAC PLAN FOR EL PARADOR RESTAURANT 3SOSTAC plan for the El Parador restaurantEl Parador is an extremely famous chain of restaurant knows for its delectablesubways and other items on the menu. It is a very popular choice with the youth. In 2010, anew branch of El Parador was opened in London seeing the great influx of students in theuniversity and the usual popularity of fast food chains in the city. However, the place has notbeen able to attract that major a crowd as it was expected to have been and the profits aredipping down to the extent that the management is contemplating closure of this branch.Hence, this plan is to revive the popularity through thorough marketing of this place,particularity through e-marketing and also brining about a few customizations so as to caterto a wider array of students. Their main priority is their New American menu [ CITATIONGod10 \l 16393 ].El Parador is also in the need of a comfortable lounge area with agreeable furnitureand stylistic theme and alleviating warm tones. It will be the ideal place to stop in for achomp to eat, for a drink or for an independent venture meeting. For additional solace and tosatisfy a huge gathering of individuals the management plans to also include exceptional horsd' oeuvre platters for clients. The food menu has to be revamped so as to serve many cuisines. The restaurant canincorporate dishes from Sweden like meatballs, herring or gravlax, or it can also go theIndian way by picking a red curry in chicken which will go with basmati rice, or a charcoalgrilled shrimp with any leafy vegetable such as spinach dark bean sauce. However, to bringabout the best effect of these changes, a very comprehensive and effective e-marketing planhas to be laid in place so that the changes can reach to the maximum of people and they canbe allured by the innovation and new delicacies of the restaurant [ CITATION Bri121 \l 16393 ].
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SOSTAC PLAN FOR EL PARADOR RESTAURANT 4Situational AnalysisThe eatery has access to it the whole week. It offers unique topic evenings to draw innew clients. The eatery excels in fine feasting in a comfortable climate. Warm hues, newblossoms, delicate music, candles and astonishing fine art are features of the ambience whichhas been designed by proficient artists. This facilitates the feeling of camaraderie andcultivates a congruous atmosphere to have a scrumptious meal in. But all of it fails to yield results due to the very problematic e-marketing strategy inplace. The issues with the strategy of El Parador are as such:Credibility: the realness of the service appears to be perhaps sketchy, as the authenticitem is known to be from the original restaurants in Miami. This brews the feeling ofdistrust on the part of the customers. Be that as it may, locales like BigJoy restaurantand Aromas are attracting the students more. Keeping this point in view, they areputting forth to its clients the alternative at subsidized rates such that the crowds areflocking to them and El Parador, due to inadequate marketing is suffering [ CITATIONLeo14 \l 16393 ]. Internet showcasing tricks: Fake plans like 'get-rich-snappy' or 'win money prize' onthe web, regularly bait the clients to pay out colossal amounts of cash to such cheatsand not getting anything consequently. It has offered ascend to a great deal of tricksand fake exercises negative to the clients. This has led to prospective clients notvisiting the website [ CITATION God10 \l 16393 ].Security issues: Consumers perhaps reluctant to reveal their own data on the web asthey may feel the intrusion of their protection [ CITATION God10 \l 16393 ].
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